Sirja Neuvo

Tired, and ready for her bed, this woman is heavily pregnant and will soon have to give up work.

Shoulder-length curly dark brown hair tumbles down this pregnant woman’s back. She has intelligent, inquisitive eyes. 

Sirja (CG female human) is seven-months pregnant and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her situation. Her husband recently disappeared, abandoning her and she must work long hours to support herself.  

Personality: Friendly and inquisitive, Sirja works as a server in a nearby tavern. She is tired after a long shift. 

Mannerisms: Sirja believes eyes are the window to the soul and maintains eye contact with those with which she speaks. Sometimes, she can hold eye contact a little too long, and men can get the wrong message. 

Hook: Something—perhaps a dog chasing a cat—spooks a horse as it passes close to Sirja and it rears up on its hind-legs; she staggers back to avoid its flailing hooves and falls over. The owner quickly controls his mount, but Sirja has suffered a terrible shock. As she lies on the ground cradling her belly, the first contraction (of many) causes her to gasp in pain.


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