Sohvi Kaukiainen

Ill at ease in the city, this woodswoman wishes to conclude her business as quickly as possible so she can return to her beloved, tranquil home.

Sporting short-cropped greying hair this slender, middle-aged woman moves with the grace of a much younger person.

Sohvi (LG middle-aged female human ranger 3) is only in the city to purchase some much-needed supplies for her isolated homestead. She does not like the city, its stench or its filth and finds the whole place unnatural. 

Personality: Honest, but taciturn, Sohvi feels lost in a sea of grasping merchants, dishonest traders and rude townsfolk. Impatient she wants to conclude her business as quickly as possible. She is a resilient person, but pines for her hilltop home.

Mannerisms: Outwardly calm, Sohvi’s burning eyes display her unease. She speaks economically and does not ramble.

Hook: Sohvi is carrying a pair of heavy, bulging sacks when a distracted peasant bumps into her. She drops the sacks, and the contents spill out onto the road.


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