Sohvi Niera

Leading a sleek, rangy wolfhound on a short leash this athletic and muscular woman looks every inch the warrior. Thick muscles and a pantherish stride to her step mark her as a predator. Her grey-green eyes seem to miss nothing. 

Sohvi Niera (NG female human ranger 3) stalks the streets looking for the idiots who lured her young son, Jussi, away to a life of danger and adventure. She knows he was seen in the city a week ago, but does not know where the group—the Company of the Golden Lion—are now. 

Personality: Direct and to the point, Sohvi has no time to waste. She is brave and fierce in battle or if angered. She loves nature and hates the city. Consumed with worry for her son—she well knows how dangerous adventuring is—she thinks of little else.

Mannerisms: Sohvi flares are nostrils when angry and has a direct, almost confrontational, stare. 

Hook: Sohvi approaches the PCs and asks for word of her son. She is clearly both angry with him and desperate for news. If they have any morsel or nugget of information, she interrogates them mercilessly for any details they may have forgotten. 


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