Subterranean Enclave: Dilath’s Hold

The centre of the slave trade in the region, Dilath’s Hold is an aberration. Founded by a renegade drow nobleman, within its precincts drow and duergar live (relatively) peacefully. However, all is not well in Dilath’s Hold. Among its folk, racial tensions simmer, and the lust for wealth and power corrupt those already perverted by the flesh trade. For now, the ancient treaty binding the two races remains intact, but there are many living in Dilath’s Hold that dream of re-writing the compact…in blood.

Dilath's Hold by Matt Morrow

Dilath’s Hold by Matt Morrow


Dilath’s Hold was founded 400 years ago when the exiled drow nobleman Dilath Abair of Zaccharine fled the drow city of Zaccharine to escape punishment for treason.

Since then, Dilath’s Hold has become the centre of the slave trade in the northern Ebon Realms. Dilath Abair recognized his enclave would not survive without trading with Zaccharine, and he knew Zaccarine would always need slaves. He negotiated complicated treaties with several duergar enclaves nearby, and slowly Dilath’s Hold transformed into the only slave market near Zaccharine. Today, Dilath’s Hold houses a sizable drow population as well as a large duergar contingent. The ancient treaties are the only thing keeping the two races tolerating each other, and lately there have been whispers of renegotiating the treaties…in blood if need be.

Notable Locations

Most of the enclave comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Abair Manor: This huge, stately manor house befits the arrogant nobles dwelling within. It is one of the few buildings in Dilath’s Hold protected by its own wall.
  2. The Chained Shrine: Uncountable pairs of manacles decorate the shrine’s exterior walls—a stark reminder of the enclave’s most lucrative trade.
  3. The Web Labyrinth: Dark and gloomy caverns, webs and cocoons cover the walls and ceiling; the webs also form rooms and hallways in the caverns.
  4. Caravan Quarter: This whole quarter of the enclave serves to accommodate visiting caravans.
  5. The Whip and Leash: The inn is a rambling one-storey building covered in runic graffiti dating back centuries. Here drinks and food are offered at reasonable rates.
  6. Slave Pits: Here each slave trader has their own pit or cage; conditions are dirty, but the slaves are usually sold very fast or put to work throughout Dilath’s Hold.
  7. Cavern of Delight and Pain: Tapestries with debased themes cover the cavern walls, the air is heavily scented and several small caverns connected to the central cavern ensure privacy should it be needed.
  8. Home of Grumtusk the Vile: Within the hollowed out shell of a giant fiendish snail dwells the duergar wizard. Rumours speak of several basements and secret rooms, but no one has ever seen the inside of Grumtusk’s home.
  9. Garden of Serenity: This garden contains a variety of fungi; myconid and basidironds can be seen within the tangled growth. From here, Hyradyth sends her minions into the Conocybe to fetch rare ingredients for spells and poisons.

Praise for Dilath’s Hold

“it is in the small details and power-dealings, in the unique sense of wonder conveyed, that this settlement manages to surpass what otherwise would have been a common premise and become something unique and worthwhile.”

–Endzeitgeist (four stars)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Brian Wiborg Monster

Released 9 April 2015; Pages 10

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