Subterranean Enclave: Fanghome

Set among the ancient ruins of a fallen empire and standing on a bare escarpment overlooking the so-called Twilight Jungle, Fanghome is a relatively peaceful troglodyte settlement. Fanghome’s prosperity is built upon the Zji-Zji berry which the troglodytes have learnt, after a fashion, to cultivate and which they sell to those visitors brave enough to enter their fetid home. Not all is peaceful, however, in Fanghome for the troglodytes are an ancient race that once worshipped ancient, fell powers. Once such power has recently taken notice of the troglodytes and has begun to whisper dark dreams of power and conquest into the ear of its newest worshipper.

Fanghome by Matt Morrow

Fanghome by Matt Morrow


Troglodytes have no idea when Fanghome was founded, for them it has always just been there. Most likely founded before the fall of the troglodytes’ empire, the ruin’s current condition is a result of the troglodytes’ long-term occupation of the site.

For centuries the troglodytes eked out a miserable existence on the edge of the Twilight Jungle, but then the Ebon Realm’s other denizens discovered the Zji-Zji berries’ many uses. In a few short months, Fanghome saw an increase in trade and even started growing the berries inside the enclave to avoid the dangerous collection process of the wild berries growing in the jungle beyond the palisade. Today, Fanghome comprises several tents and badly repaired buildings built on top and among the ancient ruins. The skeletal remains of a gigantic beast lie scattered throughout the enclave, the skull serving as the chief’s hut. A strong palisade of hardened mushroom stalks surrounds the settlement. Fanghome sits atop a barren escarpment, with a couple of streams running down into the jungle below.

Notable Locations

Most of the enclave comprises troglodytes’ homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Skull: This skull from a long dead beast serves as the chief’s spacious hut. Tents nearby house his guards and wives.
  2. The Whisperer’s Tent: Here Arthra provides for the troglodytes’ spiritual needs. The tent is adorned with various fetishes and totems.
  3. Hunters’ lodge: This crude stone building is the meeting place of the enclave’s hunters; trophies are sold outside.
  4. Three Pillars: Fanghome’s largest ruin hides beneath piles of rubble a terrible secret that could change the village forever.
  5. Marketplace: Here troglodyte traders offer their merchandise, ranging from wooden carvings to mysterious stone tablets from the Twilight Jungle.
  6. Fanghome Tavern: This large tent provides the means for travellers and locals alike to get a cool drink in the humid conditions, as well as a game of chance or two.
  7. Spawning Pools: This guarded compound holds the troglodytes’ spawning pools.
  8. The Orchard: Fanghome’s main export is cultivated here in the Zji-Zji berry orchard.
  9. The Twilight Jungle: This massive mushroom jungle, shrouded in perpetual twilight, is home to strange plants and deadly beasts. The mysterious Orb of Sithrak floats above the jungle, giving off heat and light.

 Praise for Subterranean Enclave Fanghome


“Brian Wiborg Monster delivers in this little pdf chock-full of brilliant hooks: From a wholly iconic place, to a unique economy and the smart consideration for the needs of an inhuman race, this place is a great enclave to visit, breathing the spirit of early pulp in all the right ways – hinting, inspiring, without prescribing, all while delivering just enough to make this an astounding read.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Brian Wiborg Monster

Released 9 October 2014; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23

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