Subterranean Enclave: Flenheim

Flenheim is a wretched, horrible place. Wretched in dancing shadows, the derro enclave is renowned for its flesh crafters—derro skilled in the art of enhancing their customer’s bodies by grafting or infusing the body parts of others onto their own. Flenheim is also at the centre of a growing slave trade and many come here to browse the wares at the Collectors’ Lodge and the Shadow Market.


By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


And above the clamour of life and trade, moans and screams echo through the village. It is here the mad derro bard Herath Syngler perfects flenning—the art form of using the screams of torture victims to create soul-crushing symphonies of macabre horror. Each performance is unique and Herath always has need of fresh instruments. His seemingly unending thirst for new muses has brought him into conflict with the fleshcrafters and soon bloody violence and slaughter may engulf Flenheim’s chaotic society…

Notable Locations

Most of the enclave comprises derro homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Flenning Academy: Brass tubes emerge from this stone structure which also has natural stone pipes running around its exterior. Disturbing statues of various races in obvious pain also adorn the building.
  2. Mayor’s Office: This is the first stop for visitors to Flenheim; here they are told the village’s rules and sign the contracts needed to enter.
  3. The Shadow Market: Several stalls stand in the shadows; here the derro sell whatever trinkets and goods they have brought back from their expeditions to the surface.
  4. Improvers’ Quarter: These residential laboratories have signs made from skin, teeth, nails and other remains from the improver’s slabs.
  5. Gorls Twarkken’s Home: The biggest laboratory belongs to the de facto leader of the improvers. Next to the door is an animated head that calls out, “Master” whenever its nose is pressed. A sign explains how to use this macabre doorbell.
  6. The Final Scream: This large inn is located near the Improvers’ Quarter. Inside Sister Jerille cooks surface dishes as well as various Ebon Realms dishes.
  7. Collectors’ Lodge: A small unassuming structure, here the collectors depart on their raids to the surface; several cages display their newest acquisitions.
  8. The Flayed House: Covered in flayed skins and dried blood this nightmarish building has a depressing aura about it.
  9. Kal Zakoth: An ancient abandoned dwarven outpost; according to rumours it has a new owner.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than normal derro. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Esteemed Improver Gorls Twarkken (location 5; NE male derro sorcerer [aberrant] 7) Hidden beneath his cloak is a body that bears the signs of much experimentation; not all of Gorls’ current body parts are his own.
  • Flenmaster Herath Syngler (location 1; CE male derro bard 8) Herath wears outrageously colourful clothes; his hairstyle changes daily.
  • High Mayor Dyrril Hrathen (location 2; NE male derro expert 3) An elderly derro, his eyes and posture reveal he is troubled and stressed.
  • Jerad Mangovian (location 6; LG male human paladin 6) Jerad has yet to wash off the dust and grime of weeks of travel.
  • Mistress Nerya the Shadow (location 7; CE female derro rogue 7) A slim, lean derro always dressed in black leather, Nerya seems part of the shadows.
  • Priest Karne Leden (location 8; CE male derro cleric 6) A stern derro, Karne’s ceremonial cape comprises the flayed skins of several victims.
  • Priestess Eliam Breth (location 8; CE female derro cleric 5) Eliam has a soft voice, and braided white hair. She tends to the temple and is often seen tenderly caressing the torture implements used in the rituals performed therein.
  • Sister Jerille (location 6; CN female derro expert 3) Jerille owns the Final Scream and loves to collect recipes from the surface.

Praise for Subterranean Enclave: Flenheim

“Brian Wiborg Mønster\’s Flenheim is nightmare fuel in the best of ways – a village of thoroughly vile and evil beings, indebted to a Silent Hill Otherworld-like/Hellraiser-esque aesthetic, which manages to create a horrific atmosphere without diving into territories that are too explicit: While horrific to look upon, the dark themes here never reach the level where they should cause problems at the gaming table.”

–Endzeitgeist (five-stars + seal of approval)

F_front_220A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Brian Wiborg Mønster

Released 26 September 2016; Pages 10

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2 thoughts on “Subterranean Enclave: Flenheim

  1. fantastic preview. i’m really looking forward to this release.

    just seeing it has caused me to create a new tome for the personal bookshelf of my local drider shopkeeper who runs a multi-planar antiquities and pawnshop.

    “Flesh Crafting, Vol. 4 of 6″, folio, hardbound in cured hide (unknown primate? toes of one foot visible on back binding), 60pgs, 15″ tall x 7″ wide and nearly 1” thick. illustrated with crude woodblock prints on every 4th page, very similar to the early European style of the 1400s.

    its going to be a long wait for the end of September …