Surnak Overhill

This unfailing cheerful wandering merchant deals in anything and everything.

Immaculately dressed in quality travelling clothes, this slightly rotund halfling man has curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. An infectious smile plays across his face.

Surnak (LG male halfling) is a cheerful, industrious fellow who—perhaps because of his race—is often misunderstood by his customers. Surnak prefers to trade in luxuries—fur, fine wine and strong spirits being his favourite. He has an extensive range of contacts among fellow merchants and wealthy customers.

Personality: Honourable, forthright and cheerful Surnak is, according to some who meet him, the exception that proves the rule about halflings. He is a gregarious chap and has a prodigious memory for names and faces. 

Mannerisms: Slightly obsessed with his hair, Surnak carries a comb which he often uses to spruce up his appearance.

Hook: Often on the road, Surnak hears much of interest, and he is more than happy to share his news over a mug of ale or sumptuous meal. 


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