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Welcome to Raging Swan Press’s System Neutral Edition books. Herein you’ll find evocative, inspiring supplements designed to help you—the busy GM—run better, quicker and easier games.

These books are compatible with almost any fantasy roleplaying game. It’s impossible to create truly systemless books, though, and some generic game terms—wizard, fighter and so on—may yet lurk within. In general, these generic terms are easily modified to the GM’s system of choice.

We hope you enjoy these books and that they add fun to your game.

Release Schedule

Raging Swan Press’s System Neutral Edition books are special adaptions of existing books in our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible range. Clicking on the links below will take you directly to the product’s webpage. Scroll to the bottom for details specific to the System Neutral Edition—look for the yellow cover!

September 2017

September 25 Cool Words for Gamers

September 18 Places of Power: Soulspur Inn

September 11 Village Backdrop: Dawnmarsh

September 4 20 Things #18: Troublesome Treasures


August 2017

August 28 Village Backdrop: Silver BluffVillage Backdrop: TigleyOld-School Village Maps II

August 21 Places of Power: Oleander’s Sanctuary

August 14 Village Backdrop: Needlebriar

August 7  20 Things #17: Goblin Lair


July 2017

July 24 Village Backdrop: Fulhurst Moors

July 17 Places of Power: Beacon Promontory

July 10 Village Backdrop: Skaalhaft

July 3 20 Things #16: Necromancer’s Lair


June 2017

June 26 GM’s Miscellany: Village Backdrop I (PDF and soft cover)

June 19 Places of Power: Raveneye Sanatorium

June 12 Village Backdrop: Ronak

June 5  20 Things #15: War-Ravaged Land

May 2017

May 29 Places of Power: The Mudded Manse

May 22 GM’s Miscellany: I Loot the Body (print & PDF)

May 15 Town Backdrop: Dunstone

May 8 Village Backdrop: Quey’s Glade

May 1 20 Things #14: Hill Giant Steading

April 2017

April 24 Places of Power: Tumblestone Inn

April 24 Village Backdrop: Hard Bay

April 17 Places of Power: Fraywrack

April 10 Village Backdrop: Byrnfort

April 3 20 Things #13: Noisome Sewer

March 2017

March 27 GM’s Miscellany: 20 Things Volume II (print & PDF)

March 20 Places of Power: Visionary’s Perch

March 13 Village Backdrop: Woodridge

March 6 20 Things #12: Slavers’ Compound

February 2017

February 27 Gloamhold Campaign Guide (print & PDF)

February 20 Town Backdrop: Dulwich

February 13 Village Backdrop: Bleakflat

February 6 20 Things #11: Dark Caverns

January 2017

January 23 Places of Power: Dragonmarch Keep

January 16 Village Backdrop: Black Wyvern

January 16 Village Map: Palisade Village II

January 9 20 Things #10: Creepy Graveyard

December 2016

December 19 I Loot the Warrior’s Body

December 12 Village Backdrop: Lanthorn

December 5 20 Things #9: Bustling Marketplace

November 2016

November 28 Village Backdrop: Kingsfell

November 28 Be Awesome at Village Design

November 14 Village Backdrop: Suurin

November 7 20 Things #8: Cultist’s Lair

October 2016

October 24 Village Backdrop: Greystone

October 17 Treasures & Trinkets: Gemstones & Art Objects

October 10 Village Backdrop: Y’taris

October 10 Village Map: Standing Stone Village

October 3 20 Things #7: Haunted House

September 2016

September 26 Village Map: Cavern Village

September 19 Treasures & Trinkets: Spellbooks

September 12 Village Backdrop: Shroudhaven

September 12 Village Map: Hills Village II

September 5 20 Things #6: Ancient Necropolis

August 2016

August 29 Whispers & Rumours: Borderland Town

August 22 I Loot the Minion’s Body

August 8 Village Map: Ruined City Village

August 1 20 Things #5: Subterranean Mine

July 2016

July 25 Village Backdrop: Thornhill

July 18 20 Things #4: Smuggler’s Lair

July 11 Village Map: Escarpment Village

July 4 20 Things #3: Wizard’s Tower

June 2016

June 27 Village Backdrop: Longbridge

June 20 Portentous Dreams

June 13 Village Map: Mountain Mining Village

June 6 20 Things #2: Looting the Body

May 2016

May 30 20 Things #1: Seedy Tavern

May 23 I Loot the Bag of Holding

May 16 Village Backdrop: Ashford

May 9 Village Map: River Village II

April 2016

April 25 GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing II

April 18 I Loot the Cleric’s Body

April 11 Village Map: Mining Village

April 10 Village Backdrop: White Moon Cove

April 1 Village Backdrop: Coldwater

April 1 Village Backdrop: Wellswood

March 2016

March 28 GM’s Miscellany: 20 Things

March 22 Be Awesome at Designing NPCs

March 21 Campaign Events: Prison Break

March 14 I Loot the Druid’s Body

March 1 Campaign Events: Urban Riot

February 2016

February 22 GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing (PDF and soft cover)

February 15 I Loot the Rogue’s Body

February 8 Village Map: Abbey Village

February 1 Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball

January 2016

January 25 I Loot the Wizard’s Body

January 18 I Loot the Body

January 11 Village Map: Walled Village II

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