Terrera Ihalempi

This thin, middle-aged woman walks with her downcast eyes hidden behind scraggly brown hair. She wears the dirty clothes of a commoner.  

Terrera Ihalempi (NG middle-aged female human commoner 1) survived imprisonment by orcs to flee to Dulwich with her young son, Gregor, in the company of her occasional protector Artak (an orcish warrior of some repute). Gregor’s recent subsequent disappearance has nearly broken her. She now wanders the streets seeking word of her son.

Personality: Brutalised and beaten for well over a decade by her orcish captors, Terrera is timid and nervous. She particularly dislikes being in the company of large, brash men as they remind her of her foul captors.  

Mannerisms: Terrera wrings her hands together when nervous—which happens a lot—and rarely looks people in the eye. 

Hook: Terrera accosts the party and begs for news of her son. She fears he has fallen into bad company—perhaps joining the bandits lurking in the woods to the south—and fears for his wellbeing. She has nothing to offer the party in return for any help they offer—she hopes their good natures will prevail. 

Trivia: Gregor (Terrera’s son) is the newest member of the party in my Adventures in Shadow campaign. Gregor’s player let me design his mother (the fool!)


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