Timo Hopea

Wearing worn traveller’s clothes and carrying a bulging pack on his back, this bearded middle-aged man saunters down the road whistling a jaunty tune.

Timo Hopea (N middle-aged male human cleric [Behron] 3) wanders the trails of Ashlar communing with his god and spreading word of the Farwanderer. Unsurprisingly, Timo is well-travelled and has been everywhere of note in the duchy. He also hears many interesting rumours and titbits on the road and happily exchanges news with all he meets (preferably over an ale or two). 

Personality: Timo is friendly and loves being outside—he hates being cooped up for more than a day or two and has a restless spirit. He believes in live and let live, but is inquisitive. A wanderer he has nowhere to really be most of the time, and happily attaches himself to other groups of travellers—all the better to preach the Farwanderer’s message.

Mannerisms: Timo often whistles popular tunes softly to himself. He prefers jaunty, upbeat songs. He loves learning new songs which he practises obsessively until he gets them right). 

Hook: The PCs encounter Timo on the road, and he asks to join them for a short while. Shortly thereafter, he begins preaching the Farwanderer’s message.


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5 thoughts on “Timo Hopea

  1. Hi there, This may have been asked before, but where can we find your Pantheon?
    I would love to see it and incorporate it into a setting.

    • It has been asked before and I am working on a small book as we speak! I’d originally planned to include the information in a larger Ashlar book, but it seems people are keen to see it ahead of time!

        • Yes! It is currently slated for a late July release. I’ve been busy adding new deities and getting some awesome sigil artwork done. I’ll be releasing it in Pathfinder, 5e and System Neutral editions and then providing a free P2 update (assuming the license allows) as soon as I can in August.