Town Backdrop: Dunstone

Dunstone’s granite walls sprawl lazily across a hilltop south of the massive Mottled Spire. In bygone times, monsters sallied from the Mottled Spire’s twisted canyons, their onslaughts only stopped by the brave Dunstonian forces. Now after generations of quiet, the town’s once formidable moat is used by grazing sheep and playing children. The insular community has become peaceful but peace has led the town to become stuck in its old ways. A new ruler seeks to slough of Dunstone’s years of quiet and idleness to usher the town into a new era. Guilds practice their crafts, preparing to send their goods throughout the Duchy of Ashlar. Yet, the Mottled Spire and the environs beyond are never quiet. A vile creature has emerged from Gloamhold’s depths to prey on the unsuspecting townsfolk.

By Tommi Salama


Notable Locations

Most of Dunstone comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Dunstone Keep: Home to the Oksanen family, rulers of Dunstone, the keep serves as a bastion against predators emerging from the Mottled Spire. The lord’s grandson, Aavo, has taken over the duties of rulership in hopes of reinvigorating the town.
  2. Tower of the Sword: This stout tower houses the local church of Darlen and a sacred relic of the Father. A garrison of the Knights of the Eternal Watch also headquarter here, charged with the task of keeping the town safe.
  3. Bastion of Peace: Worshippers of Conn gather here, a place that is the heart and soul of the community.
  4. Sheep Knuckles: This strange inn sticks out in Dunstone but is a beloved drinking spot for the locals. Various forms of entertainment take place here nightly.
  5. The Gilded Swan: One of Dunstone’s most prominent inns, it has secretly been taken over by an intellect devourer. Various hedonistic delights can be had here for a price.
  6. Kildann’s Cuts: Renowned for its quality meats, its owner, a wanted fugitive, also offers a special menu comprising the flesh of exotic creatures.
  7. Rekola Manor: Once a wizarding school, the manor and family have fallen into decay. Its current patriarch seeks to repair the family’s fortunes.
  8. Brandybottle Distillery: This halfling-owned distillery is known for its fine spirits. Its owner, Verna Brandybottle single-handedly started a brewing revival in Dunstone.
  9. Fisfelond’s Smithy: An inconspicuous smithy, its aging elven weaponsmith makes renowned weapons for the true of heart or for Dunstone’s protection.
  10. Farmer’s Market: The local farmers congregate here to sell produce in a festival-like atmosphere with lively music and fresh beer.
  11. Trade Market: The trade market allows various guilds to sell their wares and intermingle. Special events occur frequently to showcase a particular guild or business’s wares.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Aavo Lahti (location 1; LN male human fighter 2/bard 4) A young idealist, Aavo help to turn Dunstone around.
  • Benjam Lahti (location 1; LN old male human fighter 5) The ancient lord rules Dunstone and is resistant to change.
  • Dulannis Fisfelond (location 9; LG male elf fighter 6) Dulannis has lived in Dunstone for decades and makes high-quality weapons.
  • Joonas Mattila (location 2; LG old male human cleric [Darlen] 5) Joonas is high priest of the local Temple of Darlen and leads the Knights of the Eternal Watch stationed therein.
  • Mari Parviainen (location 11; NG female half-elf expert 2) Mari works closely with Aavo in revitalizing Dunstone.
  • Marjo Oiva (location 3; NG old female human cleric [Conn] 4) The aging priestess of Conn, Marjo works with the town’s newest generation.
  • Roosa Lajunen (location 4; CG female gnome wizard [illusionist] 3) An inn keep and amateur magician, Roosa is often plagued by strange dreams.
  • Soili Kotka (location 10; LG female human expert 2) Soili organizes and plans the frequent farmer’s markets and is the town’s biggest gossip.
  • Thrayxix/Jyrki Klemetti (location 5; CE intellect devourer) Thrayxix poses as a businessman while creating a secret thieves’ guild and plotting Dunstone’s ruination.
  • Verna Brandybottle (location 8; NG female halfling expert 2) Verna hails from the Lonely Coast. She runs the Brandybottle Distillery and heads the Brewery Guild.
  • Vieno Rekola (location 7; N old male human wizard [universalist] 4) A feeble old wizard, Vieno laments his family’s decline in the magical arts as he seeks new items and spells.
  • Whurkus Kildann (location 6; LE male dwarf rogue 4) Wanted in his native lands, Whurkus heads the Butcher’s Guild and is known for his exotic meats.

(Note, the statistics above are drawn from the Pathfinder edition of this product).


Praise for Town Backdrop: Dunstone

“John Bennett’s Dunstone is a great hometown-style place for PCs – it’s idyllic and nice and has some serious changes looming in its future.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)


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Released 15 May 2017; Pages 13

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Released 15 May 2017; Pages 13

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    • I’m working on it! Only two settlements to go (Underhill and Languard). Then you’ll be seeing a setting book pretty rapidly thereafter!