Town Backdrop: Wolfsbane Hollow

Shielded to the north by the lofty peaks of the Vurdfell Spine and protected from the hordelands of the east by the Greatshadow Gorge, the town of Wolfsbane Hollow has persisted in relative isolation for hundreds of years. Seemingly a simple border town, a dark shadow hangs over this hard, rough settlement. For here, the rule of law is tenuous at best, and the mayor is but a figurehead. The true power of Wolfsbane Hollow is the shadowy thieves’ guild and their monstrous, bestial guild master who lurks in his lair carved from the fallen bones of an ancient empire.

Wolfsbane Hollow by Robert Brookes

Wolfsbane Hollow by Robert Brookes


Notable Locations

Wolfsbane Hollow is a tightly packed community of disparate architecture. Locations of note are included below:

  1. Alethia’s Home: Residence of former mayor Alethia Alavarni.
  2. Argent Gardens: Public gardens; hides a secret entrance to the lair of the Wolfsbane Hollow thieves’ guild.
  3. Bits & Pieces: Sundry goods at discount prices, and a secret front for the Wolfsbane Thieves’ Guild.
  4. Broslef Estates: Manor house belonging to the wealthy Broslef family.
  5. Church of Aether: A large, stone church dedicated to Aether, god of the dead.
  6. Coldwater Mill: An old, large sawmill on the banks of the Wolfsbane River.
  7. Horde Gate: The east gate of Wolfsbane Hollow, closed year-round save for special order of the mayor.
  8. House of Dust: A mortuary and mausoleum; home to the cryptic Dust Talkers of Aether.
  9. Lonehammer Mining Company: The primary offices of the largest mining operation in the region.
  10. Lonely Road Livery: A large public stable.
  11. Netter’s Shack: Private residence of local drunkard and fisherman Nedrick “Netter” Jost.
  12. Rostar’s Forge: A simple blacksmith with a secret connection to the tragic murders decades ago.
  13. Ruined Cathedral: The charred remains of a cathedral dedicated to the deity Ignis, goddess of fire and healing.
  14. Rustford Farms: The largest farms in Wolfsbane Hollow, servicing most of the town with livestock and produce.
  15. Sunspear Armory: A high-class weapon and armour smithy.
  16. Tamm Manor: Home of the current mayor, Valdur Tamm.
  17. The Foxhound: The only Inn in Wolfsbane Hollow, famous for housing the skull of the Redclaw Reaper.
  18. The Pick and Pyrite: Also known as “Fool’s Gold Tavern,” a favourite alehouse near the city’s wharves.
  19. The Serpent’s Path: A modest fortune-telling business.
  20. The Underhollow: Lair of the Wolfsbane Hollow thieves’ guild.
  21. Vurdfell Gate: The town’s north gate.
  22. Wayward Enterprises: A struggling exploration business determined to build a crossing over the Greatshadow Gorge.
  23. Wayward Gate: Formerly called the Arvollis Gate, the west gate of Wolfsbane Hollow.
  24. Winterbrook Orphanage: A home for wayward youths; secretly a meeting place for a group of lycanthrope hunters.
  25. Wolfsbane Cemetery: Burial grounds; contains a secret entrance to the lair of the Wolfsbane Hollow thieves’ guild.
  26. Wolfsbane Garrison: Center of law enforcement in Wolfsbane Hollow.

Praise for Town Backdrop: Wolfsbane Hollow

“Robert Brookes knows how to write a town that feels unique, that feels alive – and he succeeds in this town to an extent I would not have expected.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Robert Brookes

Released 28 May 2015; Pages 26

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Download a Free Sample Wolfsabane Hollow At a Glance



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