Treasures & Trinkets: Gemstones & Art Objects

Your PCs are deep in the dungeon and have just defeated a terrifying dragon! As they bandage their wounds, and ready their fallen friend’s bodies for return to the surface, they look around and ask “So what treasure’s in the dragon’s hoard, anyway?” At that point, unless the GM has prepared a detailed list of treasure, the PCs get (possibly) literally tons of coins and some generic magic items. (After all, most GMs have better things to do with their prep time than generate descriptions for stuff the PCs will likely sell).

Gem Bag


Treasures & Trinkets: Gemstones & Art Objects banishes these problems by presenting scores of bespoke art objects and detailed gemstone notes ready for use in virtually any GM’s campaign.

Sample Art Objects

  1. Crystal vase etched with scenes of duelling mages.
  2. Silver hand mirror with ivory handle.
  3. Trio of gold statuettes depicting three wise monkeys; their eyes are green tourmalines.
  4. Pair of purple samite curtains woven with flowers in golden thread.
  5. Delicate, almost translucent, greenish-white onyx bowl.
  6. Marble bust of a long-dead human empress.
  7. Painting of a young king and his older bride on papyrus.
  8. Six-foot-tall bronze statue of a four-armed scimitar-wielding ogre.
  9. Three red onyx paperweights shaped like elephants.
  10. Pair of gorgon horns mounted as a trophy on a heavy oaken shield.
  11. Large white china vase painted with lions, huge dogs and dragons.
  12. Grotesque-looking jade mask with large ears and mother of pearl and obsidian eyes.
  13. Wool and cotton woven kilim (an exquisitely woven rug) decorated with geometric and animal designs.
  14. Small gilded wooden statue of a centaur drawing his bow.
  15. Miniature painting on paper, depicting a fat maharajah mounted on an elephant, on a tiger hunt.
  16. Small gold statuette of a seductive-looking succubus. When the light catches it, it appears to wink.
  17. Dramatically mounted trophy of three chimera heads.
  18. Set of six marble canopic jars topped with lids depicting animal-headed deities of Khemet.
  19. Teak table with inlaid mother of pearl, ivory and ebony patterns.
  20. Painting in a gilded frame depicting a giant’s castle in the clouds under attack from a flight of dragons.

Praise for Treasures & Trinkets: Gemstones & Art Objects

Richard Green\’s Treasures & Trinkets – installment regarding art and gems is an inspired little dressing file: With a bit of crunch, solid modifiers and well-crafted, diverse tables, the pdf is ready to use in any 5e-game and features enough system-relevant bits to make use as comfortable as possible. The entries include the mundane and fantastic and the modifiers allow you to really squeeze dry this pdf.

–Endzeitgiest (5e edition; five stars + seal of approval)

“A useful collection of items to scatter throughout your campaign world. Loot, plot items or just make the dungeon look prettier!”

–Megan R (five stars)


T&T_G&A_220A 5e Compatible GM’s Resource by Richard Green

Released 17 October 2016; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow or sign up to Raging Swan’s Patreon campaign by 13 October and get it for $2!

Download a Free Sample 5e Gemstones & Art Objects Sample



tt_gt_cover_220A System Neutral Edition Resource by Richard Green

Released 17 October 2016; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow or sign up to Raging Swan’s Patreon campaign by 13 October and get it for $2!

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