Tuomo Kalpio

Intricate tattoos cover this man’s calves. With a thick, grey beard and straggly, unkempt hair he is dishevelled, but intelligence shines in his blue-grey eyes.

Tuomo Kalpio (LG old male human paladin 4) dreams of one more glorious adventure and a glorious death battling evil. An adventurer, holy warrior and wandering preacher, Tuomo has travelled extensively but has come home, ostensibly to retire. However, the mysteries of Gloamhold, and the evil lurking within, yet call to him.

Personality: A stereotypical holy warrior, Tuomo is kind, just and patient. An implacable foe of evil, his dreams make him reckless, and his companions could find themselves in danger trying to save the hoary old warrior. 

Mannerisms: Tuomo frequently uses his once strong hands to comb his hair—to no discernible effect.

Hook: If the party includes any Darlen worshippers—preferably clerics or paladins—Tuomo approaches them and offers his services. Anyone of the faith has heard of him—he has served the church for almost five decades. If the PCs are not Darlen worshippers, he merely joins them for a drink and quickly falls to reminiscing about old times.


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