Tuuli Kulta

This wizard seeks a learned sage to answer her questions.

This beautiful woman wears a short, sleeveless robe exposing the elaborate and striking tattoos covering her arms. The designs depict weird and fantastic animals including dragons, griffons and so on. 

Tuuli (CG female human wizard 4) is in the city to find a learned sage; she is an adventurer and recently saw a strange human-like bat figure swooping low over a ruined village at dusk. She has no idea what the creature was and is intrigued by the sighting.

Personality: Tuuli is drawn to the unknowable and inexplicable—this is a huge part of her love of magic and her desire to seek out adventure. She is dynamic and an individualist, but tries to do the right thing. Although friendly, she has learnt to reserve her trust for those that deserve it. 

Mannerisms: Tuuli radiates confidence. She has an insouciant, appraising stare. 

Hook: Searching for the sage Urmas Aalto’s house, she stops the PCs to ask for directions. She is in no hurry, and happily shares a drink or chat with the PCs. She is particularly keen to talk with any other wizards in the party. 


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