Urban Dressing: Slum Town

Slum_front_220Tired of your towns and cities being boring, bland places in which your PCs show little or no interest? Want to bring them alive with cool, interesting minor features of note? Then Urban Dressing is for you! Each instalment in the line focuses on a different kind of town and gives harried GMs the tools to bring such locales to life with interesting and noteworthy features.

This instalment of Urban Dressing presents loads of great details to customise the slum towns in your campaign. Designed to be used both during preparation or actual play, Urban Dressing: Slum Town is an invaluable addition to any GM’s armoury!


Urban Dressing: Slum Town presents the following information:

  • One table (100 entries) presenting the sights and sounds of the town.
  • One table (100 entries) presenting sample business found in the town.
  • One table (100 entries) presenting sample folk found in the town.
  • One table (20 entries) presenting hooks, complications and opportunities.

Sights & Sounds

Use this table to generate the sights and sounds the PCs experience as they move about the slum town. Ignore inappropriate results and simply re-roll.

  1. A warren of ramshackle shanties stretch as far as the eye can see.
  2. The once-flowing river winding through the slum is now little more than a channel of sludge.
  3. Mountains of garbage and filth form miniature ranges across the slums.
  4. Thick, stinking smoke coils up from the dung fires people are cooking over.
  5. Colourful rags hang from crisscrossed lines of frayed rope, strung between shanty roofs.
  6. Gaggles of dirt-crusted urchins stream through the streets and play throughout the refuse piles.
  7. Crows swarm so thick over a mound it is impossible to tell if it’s garbage or a body.
  8. The skeleton of a horse lies half-buried in the muck, buckteeth grinning at passers-by.
  9. Plump, hairy rats sizzle on skewers over nearby fires, sold at half a copper apiece.
  10. A group of beggars have slathered themselves in mud to avoid baking as they sit in the sun all day.
  11. These huts look to be built from nothing more than dried mud, packed hay and sticks.
  12. The path ends in a wide cesspool; rodent corpses, faeces and scraps of food float within.
  13. The people here are starving: bellies protruding, cheeks cavernous and eyes empty of hope.
  14. Children play around a pigpen, occasionally running in to gulp handfuls of the slop.
  15. A haphazard line of twitching bodies leads back to the dark entrances of several drug dens.
  16. Slavers roam the street, scanning for specimens healthy enough to chain up and cart off.
  17. A cleric shuffles by, murmuring prayers for the downtrodden and lost.
  18. A single home stands packed with dozens of people, leaving barely any room to sit or stand.
  19. The stinking breeze is briefly replaced by the wafting scent of strange spices being cooked over a distant fire.
  20. A squad of guards stalks past, their armour mismatched, their weapons dull and rusting.

Praise for Urban Dressing: Slum Town

“I can’t emphasize enough how much this series has prospered under Josh Vogt’s guidance – whereas the first “season” of Urban Dressing was hit and miss, this evocative pdf provides more than a bit of great flavor – it is captivating, compelling, immersive. It breathes the grand flavor of dark fantasy novels and the muddy streets, the labyrinthine alleys and crannies seem to jump from these pages, rendering this installment, even among the more recent UDs, as a stand-out, brilliant example…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

“As I read through this PDF, it painted quite a vivid picture of a grim slum town. Besides giving life to a location, the descriptions also gave me plenty of ideas for missions and side quests, as well as a wealth of NPCs to help deliver the plot hooks. If you are planning to use some kind of slum town in an upcoming adventure, this product is a must-have.”

–TriangularRoom (five stars)

“…an excellent addition to my library…”

–John G (five stars)


A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Josh Vogt

Released 11 December 2014; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23

Download a Free Sample: Urban Dressing: Slum Town Sights & Sounds

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