Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town Street Vendors

War often dogs adventurers’ footsteps. Whether civil war wracks the nation or orcs mass on the borders, where there is war adventurers are to be found.



Use this table to generate details of street vendors the PCs encounter in a war-torn town. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Regnier Sisius (N male human adept 1) is a slim young man who sells charms and divine icons for many religions.
  2. Avric Loponsh (CG male gnome commoner 1) scampers about, distributing pamphlets or fliers he’s paid to carry.
  3. Ralduga Gorisden (NE female dwarf expert 2) has developed a nasty range of exploding oil weapons she sells to the highest bidder.
  4. Malfria Attalish (CN female gnome commoner 1) scrawls and sells maps of supposed escape routes from town.
  5. Estiven Folwin (LN male elf commoner 1) is a mild-mannered man selling fruit and vegetables from his garden.
  6. Guyat Jurdan (N male human adept 1) uses his booming voice to offer up eloquent prayers—a copper per prayer.
  7. Ryul Challes (CG male half-elf commoner 1) has an excellent eye for applying makeup and sells surprisingly effective beauty treatments to even the ugliest town denizen.
  8. Acquemet Consovive (CN male human aristocrat 2) is heavily in debt and so has resorted to selling most of his worldly goods on street corners.
  9. Kutag Fough (NE male half-orc warrior 2) is a heavily scarred war veteran who sells meat pies of questionable origin—but at least they’re cheap.
  10. Vedafi Audomar (CE female halfling adept 2) is a crippled practitioner who (supposedly) enchants stones with minor spells which she sells at a premium.
  11. Alakgh Pugrit (NG male half-orc expert 2) is a street tattooist who uses self-made ink and needles to give people whatever skin art they wish.
  12. Ellin Goold (CE female gnome commoner 1) cobbles together her offering from items stolen from other vendors.
  13. Adeline Ismena (LE female human commoner 1) sells pieces of corpses found on the battlefield. The fresher, the pricier.
  14. Lauri Jaovos (CG female elf aristocrat 2) has a booth where she gives plenty of soup and bread to the poor of the town in exchange for mere coppers.
  15. Gromi Denackfor (LG male dwarf warrior 1) is a keen-eyed archer who specializes in crafting and selling arrows.
  16. Higgots Drouet (CN male human commoner 1) is a spice-monger who traffics in rare food ingredients that make even straps of leather palatable.
  17. Trayish Aeryn (NE female half-elf commoner 1) walks around with dried ears hung from cords and sells them to anyone who wants to claim combat trophies.
  18. Gersey Dalbasse (LE female halfling commoner 2) harvests poisonous reagents from the nearby swamp and sells them to assassins or other unseemly sorts.
  19. Olart Toffle (LG male human warrior 2) is a muscular soldier who offers combat lessons to wannabe heroes.
  20. Porro Krunst (N male halfling commoner 3) salvages and sells goods left behind by those fleeing the town, though no one’s figured out where he stashes it all.

Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town

If you enjoyed this free resource and will be featuring a war or border skirmish if your campaign, check out Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town by Josh Vogt. Packed with loads of details to add depth and verisimilitude to your game, it’s a great resource for the time-pressured GM!

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