Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town

Urban Dressing: War-Torn TownTired of your towns and cities being boring, bland places in which your PCs show little or no interest? Want to bring them alive with cool, interesting minor features of note? Then Urban Dressing is for you! Each instalment in the line focuses on a different kind of town and gives harried GMs the tools to bring such locales to life with interesting and noteworthy features.

This instalment of Urban Dressing presents loads of great details to customise the war-torn towns in your campaign. Designed to be used both during preparation or actual play, Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town is an invaluable addition to any GM’s armoury!


Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town presents the following information:

  • One table (100 entries) presenting the sights and sounds of the town.
  • One table (100 entries) presenting sample business found in the town.
  • One table (100 entries) presenting sample folk found in the town.
  • One table (20 entries) presenting hooks, complications and opportunities.


Use the two tables below – extracts from Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town by Josh Vogt – to breathe life into your adventures.

Sights & Sounds

  1. Ash has drifted down from the skies to coat every surface in sight.
  2. The buildings along this street all appear to be leaning, as if their foundations are crumbling.
  3. Smoke plumes into the air as tongues of wicked fire lick the buildings.
  4. A string of black-garbed widows and orphans line the street to weep as a squad marches by.
  5. This whole block has been reduced to rubble and wreckage.
  6. Piles of broken and shattered armour lie strewn on the ground, battered beyond use.
  7. Snapped spears and mangled swords form piles off to one side of the street.
  8. Half-a-dozen corpses are carried by, laid out on their own bloodstained shields.
  9. The soft sound of sobs and choked weeping fills the air.
  10. A priest in a gilded robe strolls by a line of recruits, laying hands on each in blessing
  11. A zealous rebel stands on the corner, ignoring glares as he shouts a creed of violent defiance.
  12. A trio of soldiers are strung up; their arms and legs are lashed to spears driven through their chests.
  13. A family cries for help as soldiers raid their home, taking every scrap of their food.
  14. This band of recruits looks to comprise little more than children.
  15. Hard-eyed mercenaries lounge about, drinking and scowling at anyone who pays them the slightest bit of attention.
  16. A person entirely encased in plate armour stands nearby, watching everyone.
  17. The air-quaking screams suggest the local surgeon is hard at work amputating more limbs.
  18. These beggars use dented and rusted helms as bowls and claim they’re veterans too old to fight.
  19. A scattering of metal and wooden shards on the road is what remains of a knight’s shield.
  20. In the distance, a row of people on mounts is silhouetted against the horizon.

Hooks, Complications & Opportunities

  1. Within a day of the PCs’ arrival, a fresh army has appeared to lay siege to the town, completely surrounding it and cutting off all supply routes.
  2. A supply caravan hasn’t made it to the town in months and every nearby farm has been burnt to ashes. Starving townsfolk lie suffering everywhere the PCs look.
  3. The PCs hear word the generals of the opposing armies have challenge one another to a duel to end the battle once-and-for-all…and the fight is to take place in the centre of town.
  4. The town has been engulfed by rioters who are looting, killing, wrecking property and setting buildings ablaze.
  5. With most able-bodied fighters off to war, a gang of hooligans has taken to terrorizing the town, taking what they wish and beating anyone who opposes them senseless.
  6. A group of guards stops the PCs in the street and their captain accuses them of being enemy spies. They can either be escorted to jail peaceably or taken there in pieces.

Praise for Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town

“A well-presented helpful addition to any gamemaster’s bag of tricks…”

–John D H (five stars)

“Josh Vogt’s war-torn town weaves a fascinating tapestry of desolate destruction and the horrors of war. Thematically and mood-wise, this Urban Dressing is superb indeed.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Josh Vogt

Released 12 February 2015; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23

Download a Free Sample War-Torn Town: Sights & Sounds

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