Village Backdrop: Azagirn

Eschewing the deep, dark homes of their ancestors, the survivors of the reputedly cursed dwarven clan of Azacral now dwell amid the stark beauty of high, windswept hills. But life is not idyllic for the dwarves as their ancient enemy—tribes of half-mad, homicidal trolls— ever lurk nearby. While the majority tend herds of sheep and goats with the aid of their domesticated wolves, an unknowing, accidental threat lurks within the village—a threat that could return herald the return of the ancient slaughter and bloody death that birthed the village a century ago.

Notable Locations

Most of Azagirn comprises homes. A few locations, however, are of particular interest to adventurers:

  1. Long-Climb Path: Azagirn sits atop a high, steep sided bluff. The easiest way to reach the village is Long-Climb Path. The path takes a circuitous route about the bluff— hence its name.
  2. Warden of the Way: Here dwells the venerable Belgal Dalnore. A grizzled veteran now far past his prime, Belgal holds the position of Warden of the Way. He watches over Long-Climb Pass and is the first to challenge visitors to the dwarves’ lofty home.
  3. Highforge: Here dwells Yurthic Glanhak, the village’s oldest resident. A skilled metalworker, Yurthic works hard to keep the old ways alive.
  4. The Deep Well: Cut through the living rock, the Deep Well its aptly named. This is one of the only communal places in the village—bar the surrounding fields—and dwarves can often be encountered here gathering water, sharing news and so on.
  5. Hunters’ Home: The troll-hating husband and wife team of Arathen and Delana Werain dwell in this small house, along with their many pet wolves.
  6. Empty Home: Two years ago, the dwarven warrior Durrim Boferg dwelled here. He disappeared, and since then the building has lain empty—partly because he has no heirs and partly because his neighbours have not yet given up hope that he might return. A small shrine to the Father of the Dwarves abuts the building.
  7. Village Store: Extensive cellars pierce the rock beneath this large stone building. Within, the villages keep a central supply of grain, wood, coal and other essentials.
  8. Elren Farsten’s House: Elren Farsten, Azagirn’s thegn, and scion of a fading line of minor dwarf nobles, dwells here in the village’s largest home.

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