Village Backdrop: Brackendale

Brackendale was once a bustling borderland village beset by savage humanoids lurking in the nearby woods and hills. Then, the village was a busy place and wandering adventurers, sellswords and mercenaries were a common sight on its streets. The arrival of the Six—a band of adventurers charged with securing the village’s environs—changed all that. Their annihilation of the goblin and orc raiders along with the completion of extensive defensives work brought peace and security to Brackendale.

But peace it seems had a price. With nothing to hunt adventurers passed by without stopping at the village; the village traders and merchants  sold less and less each year and most now barely scrape a living. Now disgruntled villagers resent the adventurers that once brought peace to their little village.


Notable Locations

Most of Brackendale comprises homes. A few locations, however, are of particular interest to adventurers:

  1. The House of the Six: Here once dwelled the Six; however now the fortress is little used. The fortress comprises several features include a wizard’s tower, chapel dedicated to Darlen and more. 
  2. Namdren’s Folly: This small buttressed tower was home to Namdren, one of the Six, who moved here in the wake of the schism that split the group. Setting himself aside from the others he commissioned this tower and high wall to be built but died when the tower collapsed during a goblin raid. Now its large cellar is flooded, and is only accessible through several narrow, sodden goblin-dug tunnels.
  3. The Running Goblin: The mismatched skeleton of a goblin is strung together like a wind-chime above the door of this small but cosy tavern.
  4. Wulfric’s Hides: Wulfric, a barbarian and formerly a member of the Six, happily runs this tannery.
  5. Fallaya’s Boarding House: This rundown building has several rooms set aside for travellers and their companions. However, a lack of business has led to the building’s slow deterioration.
  6. Fine Teas and Tinctures: At this small shop and warehouse a traveller can purchase a wide variety of flower and herbal teas and tinctures to treat common ailments. The pleasant scent of drying flowers and fruits fills the surrounding streets.
  7. Honey’s Apiary: Home to Honey, this small home is an oddity—a collection of hives stand on its roof. Honey collects the bees’ rich honey and wax. She sells honey, bee-bread and candles to travellers as well as selling in bulk to Portia at the Running Goblin (location 3) who uses the honey to brew mead.
  8. The Old Forge: This deserted building and outbuildings still contains the tools and distillery equipment of its former owner. Now goblins use these dilapidated buildings to spy on the village.



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