Village Backdrop: Cahill Abbey

Cahill Abbey was for much of its history a village of no special significance, a small community home to several dozen families who made a good living from the fertile woods and soil around them. But now a mysterious prophecy has brought the king’s men to the village, determined to find and protect a promised saviour. Transformed by their arrival, the village struggles to hold on to its former way of life, unaware an old, long-forgotten evil stirs in the bowels of the ruined abbey that gave the village its name.



Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Old Cahill Abbey: Cahill Abbey’s namesake was abandoned long ago; its original purpose is long forgotten.
  2. The Wall: This half-built stone wall looms over the village.
  3. The New School: This school was set up to ensure village residents were equipped with the necessary skills should they become the prophesied saviour.
  4. Cahill Inn: The village’s sole inn and tavern has seen business boom since the Royal Sentinels arrived, much to the landlady’s (Cadwinne Raighmane) pleasure.
  5. Abbot’s Goods: This general store, owned by the descendants of the village founder, is Cahill Abbey’s centre of commerce.
  6. New Chapel: Despite its name, this humble church has ably served the village for decades.
  7. The Winberry Home: Teehan Winberry works from home, where she also deals in herbal and other remedies.
  8. The Sentinels’ Camp: This Royal Sentinels have been more focused on building the wall than homes for themselves, meaning they continue to live in tents.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Aongham Cooperstave (location 3; LG male human fighter 5) This Cahill Abbey native left years ago to join the Royal Sentinels, but now finds himself home training the local youths.
  • Brom Abbott (location 5; LG male human expert 3) The now mostly powerless mayor resents the disruption to his village.
  • Cadwinne Raighmane (location 4; CG female middle-aged human expert 2) The innkeeper is making the best of the village’s new situation.
  • Hesha Kingseye (location 8; LG female halfling oracle [life] 10) The king’s oracle has a single-minded focus to protect the kingdom.
  • Teehan Winberry (location 7; LG female elf expert 2) This longtime midwife and herbalist simply wishes to be left in peace.
  • Verun Reig (location 4; LN female human rogue 6/shadowdancer 2) This agent of the king poses as a waitress in Cahill Inn.
  • Yerris Lyedenbur (location 2; LG male half-orc paladin 8) The head of the Royal Sentinels would rather be almost anywhere else.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Cahill Abbey

“…versatile, well-written settlement…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Jacob W. Michaels

Released 8 February 2015; Pages 10

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