Village Backdrop: Dawnmarsh

Dawnmarsh is that rare breed of lizardfolk village that welcomes trade, offering secret regenerative elixirs, techniques to tame riding lizards, poisons of the marshes and fleet guides to navigate the hazardous terrain. Cultures clash among the stilted houses on the Dawnmarsh swampy islands—here, trade is useful but the very presence of foreign traders sparks tension with neighbouring tribes and cautious locals. Adventurers can find useful allies in innkeepers and lizardfolk youths who hear much as well as an elderly visionary. The sun-worshipping lizardfolk have begun to abandon traditions deemed vile by the visiting traders, but even partial betrayal of the old ways has given a foothold to lizardfolk warmongers interested in transforming Dawnmarsh from a place of healing to a place of war.


Notable Locations

Most of Dawnmarsh comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Market Circle: Here, people of all kinds trade at the encouragement of Askivirin, the apprentice Storyteller. It is the best place to find a deal on a wide variety of lizardfolk goods as well as whatever goods traders have brought in from beyond the Great Marsh.
  2. The Basking Butterfly: Dawnmarsh’s only tavern is a magnet for unconventional lizardfolk and traders. It is also the only inn with private rooms and beds in the human style. These amenities are arranged by its human proprietor Aurelian, who co-owns the inn with his lizardfolk husband-to-be Inskaraz.
  3. House of Hunters: The House of Hunters is home to lizardfolk who hunt, trap or fish for a living. They offer their services as guides and sell trained lizard mounts to trusted clients (with Huntmaster Esskavril’s approval).
  4. House of Snakes: The home of Sakaril the Poisoner is popular with those interested in alchemy as well as hunters and warriors who understand the usefulness of poison. Many snakes also dwell therein.
  5. Greatmarsh Lodge: Greatmarsh Lodge, is much older than the Basking Butterfly and offers traditional lizardfolk meals and lodgings. It is popular with visiting lizardfolk and with traders who can’t afford the Basking Butterfly. Its matron is Ssarkisk.
  6. Sunrise House: The Lightkeeper priests as well as the chief Storyteller and his apprentices share this house, along with their extended families. Second Lightkeeper Vassessar sell elixirs brewed using ancient recipes.
  7. Dawn Shrine: The holiest place in Dawnmarsh, and for a great distance around, the Dawn Shrine is dedicated to the sun and to the lizardfolk sun deity. It is a place of rest, warmth and healing for the lizardfolk and for all respectful petitioners. It is also the effective seat of government and judgement for the small settlement. The priests sell divine scrolls, potions and blessings of the sun. The high priest is Lightkeeper Kassarin the Wise.
  8. Portage Glade: The Portage Glade offers an isolated place for lizardfolk traders from the surrounding tribes who are uncomfortable trading directly with mammalian foreigners. Storyteller Ssimneer keeps an eye on Dawnmarsh youths who do much of the selling.



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