Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr

Most dwarven holds are vast and ordered halls filled with solemn and stoic craftsfolk. But that’s not Feigrvidr. Some say it’s not a dwarf hold at all, but rather a lawless mining camp ruled by dwarf thugs and ruthless agents of the ruling thane.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Founded less than three years ago by Svingal Halfbeard, the ore coming from a vale carved out of the headlands of the Titan Peaks is of the greatest purity and the works coming forth from Feigrvidr’s forges are both subtle and ingenious, rivalling those of any ordered dwarven stronghold. The great wealth coming from the foot of the Titan Peaks was only the beginning, now with the discovery of ancient and abandoned giant halls deeper in the mountains’ spires; adventurers are flocking to the camp, increasing its wealth and its danger.

Notable Locations

Most of Feigrvidr is a patchwork of small businesses providing services to the miners and wayfarers, with a large number of shabby flophouses. A few locations, however, are of greater interest to adventurers:

  1. Raggedy Wall: Built from a hodgepodge of debris and many stone shape, this wall protects the village’s southern entrance.
  2. Flamegaze Tavern Inn: One of the cleaner buildings in the village, it’s kept relatively peaceful by the retired paladin, Shadra Flamegaze.
  3. Imperator’s Hall: This great hall serves as the village’s seat of power and home for Svigal Halfbeard.
  4. Shadowtop Mines: This cluster of four mines was the first dug by Halfbeard and his dwarves.
  5. Clanging Halls: These four large workshops constantly emit a rhythm of clangs as ore is refined and turned into works of art.
  6. Sin’s Roost: A den providing gambling and sins of the flesh, this is a popular spot for miners, miscreants and adventurers.
  7. Little Lordling’s Inn: This inn is popular with adventurers delving into the Titan Peaks in search of giant enclaves.
  8. Hawkers’ Maze: This jumble of small stalls and shops sells a variety of goods (of which many are illicit).
  9. Halfling Town: This collection of stunted shacks and burrows houses a tight knit halfling community.
  10. Middens: These large vats contain the waste from both the village and the mines.
  11. Upper Mines: These minor, less profitable mines are leased to others by Halfbeard.
  12. Last Tower: From this roughly-finished tower Halfbeard’s minions watch for returning adventurers to tax.

Notable Folk

A few of the more helpful or skilled folks that may be of interest to adventurers are listed below:

  • Andrul Ringold (location 7; N female dwarf ranger 4) This brash warrior funds many expeditions into the Titan Peaks. She is a rival of Mendri Halguth.
  • Flaith Bloodblade (location 3; NE male dwarf rogue 2) One of the chief agents of Svingal Halfbeard, Flaith and his partner Krovusa are often tasked with the Grand Thane’s dirty work.
  • Krovusa (location 3; CE female half-orc barbarian 3) This mute and murderous albino half-orc is often found with Flaith.Mendri Halguth (location 2; NG female half-elf expert 2) This sage of giant myth and history acts as agent for the collectors from southern free cities.
  • Qysin the Muddled (location various; NG human oracle 2) This blind vagabond wanders the streets, healing the sick and warning of the doom soon to befall Feigrvidr.
  • Shadra Flamegaze (location 2; CG human ex-paladin 3) The owner of the Flamegaze Tavern and Inn, Shandra spends her time drinking, leaving the business to her husband.
  • Svingal Halfbeard (location 3; NE male dwarf rogue 7) The so-called Lord Thane and Imperator of Feigrvidr kills anyone standing in his way.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Feigrvidr

“Stephen Radney-MacFarland’s Feigrvidr is one glorious village that can stand with the best in the series; equal parts ethnic settlement, frontier/mining town and rough and tumble refugee camp, it oscillates between various themes and blends them in a concise and fun whole. The village is inspired, cool and breathes a sense of the fantastic without becoming too “unrealistic.””

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

Feigrvidr_front_220A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Released 13 June 2016; Pages 10

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