Village Backdrop: Feyhall

The residents of Feyhall live barricaded underground within the caverns of an ancient fairy hold in the Fey-Cursed Hills above the Twyll River delta. While the plague infested hungry dead, threaten from without, these rogues and treasure hunters dig deeper looking for the source of the strange lights and music haunting their haven. Food is scarce and what few supplies available are usually stolen from travellers or other nearby settlements. It is a lawless place where residents must be constantly on watch for not only ghosts of dead feyfolk, but also a knife in the back from their so-called allies.

Cartography by Tommi Salama

Cartography by Tommi Salama


Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Hidden Gate: This is the disguised and heavily defended entrance to the village along with attached barracks.
  2. Markethall: The main cavern is the centre of village life with its two wells and storage of all raided goods. Here shares of plunder are doled out and villagers trade with each other. Balls of flickering starlight dance throughout the cave to a quiet haunting melody that changes for unknown reasons.
  3. The Hideaways: A cavern with many twists, turns and meandering niches used by many of the villagers as “homes.” The Hideaways is mostly populated by the weak, poor and sick.
  4. The Altars: This two-storey hall has dozens of shrines with plain altars on two different floors which have been converted into living spaces. In contrast to the Hideaways, the Altars are populated by the strongest members of Feyhall.
  5. The Forbidden Stair: Ornate, and disturbing, silver doors block access to stairs leading down to the Wytchlyte Graves.
  6. Wytchelyte Graves: An unmapped maze filled with cairns, burial niches, strange curios and death.
  7. Solnicht Bog: Home to peat, centuries of battlefields and the many walled town of Vaagwol on the Twyll River Delta; a ready target for Feyhall’s raiders.
  8. Fey-Cursed Hills: Once the home of the Sylvan Court, the hills hide ruins of former fey settlements including Feyhall.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Boss Stig (location 4; CN male half-orc fighter 3) Stig is a bully not especially concerned with running the settlement, but instead enjoys raids on merchant caravans, river barges or workers from nearby Vaagwol. If his position is questioned, he is more than willing to defend it with axe or fist.
  • Luthar Shieldamann (location 2; CG male human ranger 2) Luthar is a dark, bearded man from a distant land of which he will not speak. While Stig greedily watches outside, Luthar looks within, searching for signs of the Hunger, strange fairy magic or simply keeping track of what supplies the villagers need to last another day. If there is a problem, the locals are more likely to approach him than Stig.
  • Nin (location 3; N female human expert 1) Nin is a former dockworker from Vaagwol infected with the Hunger.
  • Oosa (location 1; NE female human fighter 2) Oosa is one of the gate guards and a frequent member of raiding teams. She despises Boss Stig and wants to overthrow him.
  • Sala Greenswidow (location 2; N female half-elf adept 1) Sala and her love Teesha are new arrivals in Feyhall. Sala is quiet and sickly and claims to have visions directing her to seek a fairy crown beneath the Fey-Cursed Hills that can cure the Hunger. She is known to have particular skill with divination and necromancy spells.
  • Shank (location 3; CE male goblin rogue 3) Shank is a masked goblin masquerading as a halfling. He is trying to forge the other halflings into a gang under his leadership.
  • Teesha (location 2; CN female human fighter 1/rogue 1) Teesha claims to be an expert in lost civilizations and seems knowledgeable on digging for artefacts. She is fiercely protective of Sala.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Feyhall

“Greg Marks’ Feyhall is a welcome change of pace, a village that is more a dungeon camp organized by the right of the strong; it is also a place that is very much defined by the threats it faces and its status as a collection of outcasts and misfits. The settlement works best when used in conjunction with Vaagwol, obviously and can be considered to be the externalized, darker underbelly of the area.”

Endzeitgeist (four stars)

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