Village Backdrop: Hopespyre

Their beliefs considered heretical by the Church of the God of the Sun and their presence viewed as a threat to the cruel ruler of their homeland, the Church of the Redemptive Flame fled and founded a new home in remote Hopespyre. The cult now wants nothing more than to live a sin-free life in their new refuge but events conspire against them. The evil elemental lord of fire has set his sights on the cult and schemes to subvert its good intentions. Aging church leader Dagor Thursh edges closer to death with each day, and a struggle is growing for the right to succeed him, its flames fanned by followers of the elemental lord who have infiltrated the village.

Hopespyre by Tommi Salama

Hopespyre by Tommi Salama


Founded 40 years ago by Dagor Thursh, the secluded village of Hopespyre is his and his Church of the Redemptive Flame’s refuge from the sinful world.

In his youth, as a soldier for a cruel despot, Thursh witnessed and was responsible for unspeakable acts of horror. Soul blackened by his experiences, for many long years he saw no escape from the army. He found his way out, however, amid the flames of a fireball that slew most of his comrades. Surviving, he took the experience as a sign he finally had to start a new life. Preaching that one’s sins could be burned away in fire, he quickly attracted a small following.

He also attracted the attention of both the despot and the church of Darlen, god of the sun, who found his teachings heretical. Thus, the church fled to the wilderness, where they established Hope’s Pyre (later shortened to Hopespyre).

The village is centred around the constantly burning Font of Redemption, a bonfire emblematic of the village founder and his followers’ faith. Longhouses, holding all the village’s single men and women, stand tall in contrast to other buildings.

Well-armed guards stand watch at the village’s borders, constantly vigilant for threats from monsters and secular and religious authorities. Despite that, those who are judged safe find a warm welcome, with invitations to services and the communal meals that follow. While the reception is sincere, should visitors cause Thursh to fear they are agents of the cult’s enemies, they won’t leave the village alive.

Notable Locations

  1. Font of Redemption: This ever-burning pyre is Hopespyre’s literal and spiritual heart.
  2. Dagor Thursh’s home: Other than two guards, little distinguishes the cult leader’s home from other residences.
  3. Brother’s House: The village’s unmarried men live in this wooden longhouse.
  4. Sister’s House: This wooden longhouse houses the single women of Hopespyre.
  5. Visitor’s House: Half-hostel and half-prison, visitors stay here for free, treated as guests but watched with a wary eye.
  6. Communal Kitchens: The village’s meals are served here.
  7. Makers Hall: Craftsmen use this site, originally several houses that were later connected, to make magic items.
  8. Secret Shrine: Secret followers of the elemental lord of fire meet at this home owned by Katin Shiss’ supposed sister.
  9. Watch Tower: Two guards occupy these towers at all times, keeping an eye out for threats within and without.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Hopespyre

“This is one of the crown-jewels of the excellent series…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Jacob W. Michaels

Released 2 July 2015; Pages 10

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