Village Backdrop: Hosford

The quaint village of Hosford rests along the Cliffway of the Lonely Coast. The industrious folk of Hosford diligently work the area’s largest mine, digging deep into the cliffs for ores and gems. However, decades ago, a large section of the mine suddenly collapsed into the sea, taking a chunk of the cliffs with it along with a handful of small homes. Out of this tragedy was born opportunity as the collapse created a sheltered cove and natural harbour for small fishing boats. Thus, in addition to their mine, the citizens of Hosford ply the coastline, narrowly avoiding the sharp rocks just below the water that would doom a larger ship.

Yet, terror now grips Hosford. Folk have recently gone missing, including the former village reeve. A sea drake secretly stalks the coastline, fed on fresh human sacrifices by a senile old druid who believes the creature to be some sort of god. The fortress of Caer Syllan has dispatched a new reeve, an ambitious, inquisitive young man to look into the disappearances but so far all he has uncovered are old grudges as neighbour accuses neighbour of these recent crimes.



Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Hosford Jail: A collection of stone buildings that is seeing more frequent use as Hosford’s residents accuse one another of the recent disappearances.
  2. Unger Manor: This small, two-storey manor house was built by the previous village reeve, Cardin Unger.
  3. Daystar Church: This small church features a bell tower and is the heart of the community.
  4. Ford: A small ford crosses the small, but fast flowing river Hoslo.
  5. Artisan Market: Hosford’s resident artisans and craft folk live here in their shops.
  6. Fish Market: Hosford’s fisherman sell their catches in market stalls here.
  7. Hoslo’s Rest: A small country inn, it has large doors facing the river that can be opened in warm weather.
  8. Mines: Mines riddle the cliffs; an excavated tunnel connects them to Hosford Cove.
  9. Hosford Cove: A mine collapse created this sheltered cove 70 years ago.
  10. Sea Cave: The Hoslo ends its journey here, diving underground through the cliff and spilling into a large cave where Dag offers up his sacrifices to the resident sea drake.

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Praise for Village Backdrop: Hosford

“All in all, Hosford is a great locale with a stunning, uncommon layout and map and some expert-writing to back it up – one of the best installments in the series so far…”

–Endeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)


A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by John Bennett

Released 11 December 2017; Pages 12

PDF ($3.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23

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A 5e Compatible GM’s Resource by John Bennett

Released 11 December 2017; Pages 10

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow

Download a Free Sample 5e Hosford at a Glance



A System Neutral GM’s Resource by John Bennett

Released 11 December 2017; Pages 10

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow

Download a Free Sample SNE Hosford at a Glance


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