Village Backdrop: Kennutcat

The small island of Kennutcat, with its broad natural harbour and bountiful fishing, proved to be a great boon to early colonizers. After subjugating the native inhabitants, the colonizers quickly established a small prosperous village catering to the many merchant ships sailing the nearby trading routes. Yet, at night, a thick fog rolls in, blanketing the stone streets and wood shingled houses. Strange shapes move in the mists, while sibilant voices echo in the still air. These are Kennutcat’s dead—fathers, mothers, sons and daughters—spirits trapped and inexplicably bound to the island by an unending, unkillable nightmarish horror. For within a tangled forest, the surviving natives pray for salvation and the spirits of the island have answered in the form of Lobata—a formless creature of darkness that lurks in the surrounding waters. Those who answer Lobata’s siren call surrender to a nameless compulsion to hunt the strange beast, but find nothing more than their own watery graves amid the storm-tossed waves.


Three generations ago, a consortium of merchants and titled nobles purchased the small island of Kennutcat. Graced with a natural harbour and bountiful fishing, the sandy island promised further wealth for its investors. After brutally subjugating the native inhabits, the Kittiwaki, the colonizers worked diligently to build a prosperous settlement. Kennutcat’s ideal location quickly proved to be a boon as the villagers resupplied and repaired passing ships as well as developing their own fishing fleet.

However, despite its apparent idyllic appearance, a deep fog rolls in at night, staining the paved stone streets and shingled houses with a clinging dew. Within the mists, strange sounds echo—voices of past villagers, their footsteps treading the streets and ancestral homes—making traveling at night dangerous for the unwary. Meanwhile, family members relentlessly pace the porches perched on rooftops, known as widow walks, their eyes straining for loved ones reported lost at sea. For something lurks out in the waters, a titanic monster that lures Kennutcat’s sons and daughters out onto the water with hopes of glory. Those who hunt the strange beast never return alive, but their spirits are inexplicably bound to the strange island.

Deep within a forest cave, the few surviving Kittiwaki eke out a living as they have for hundreds of years in worship of unfathomable nature spirits. At night by huge bonfires, they pray to the spirits to cleanse Kennutcat of the taint of the colonisers exploiting their holy island.

Notable Locations

  1. Kennutcat Harbour: A natural harbour, supported by a well-built wharf, is the centre of the island’s trade and fishing industries.
  2. Vankmeer Manor: Home to one of the original founding families, its current owner locks herself inside, slowly rotting away into insanity.
  3. Kennutcat Council Hall: This stout building and adjoining tower serves the island as its centre of government.
  4. The Shrouded Mistress: Kennutcat’s main inn and tavern also serves as a general store, owned by the Baltons.
  5. Beach Shrine: Old Hargan Saltbeard maintains a small shrine built of driftwood dedicated to the spirits of the sea.
  6. Coln Point Lighthouse: This sturdy lighthouse, its beacon guiding ships to safety, rests at the end of a long stretch of sandy beach.
  7. Forest Cave: A large cave burrows deep underground, its walls painted with the ancient history of the Kittiwaki and the island.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Kennutcat

“I love this settlement. As a reviewer, it represents to me yet another excellent installment in a series…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval + Top Ten of 2015 Candidate)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by John Bennett

Released 3 September 2015; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23 or sign up to Raging Swan’s Patreon campaign before 1 September and get it for $2!

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