Village Backdrop: Ossoka Draconsha

Deep within the swamp lies the lizardfolk village of Ossoko Draconsha, founded to honour the defeat of an ancient black dragon who terrorized the area long ago. Starting out as a neutral ground between warring lizardfolk tribes, the village has prospered in recent generations thanks to rumours of its magical, restorative pool. Merchants now arrive regularly at Ossoko Draconsha to trade for exotic and hard to get animal skins, herbs and plants from the swamp. However, recently the sacred skull which symbolizes the village’s neutrality disappeared and something or someone seems to be interfering with the lizardfolk contacting their guardian spirit. If these issues are not resolved, the village could see itself swallowed up by the denizens of the swamp, or worse, taken over by a greedy merchant consortium.

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Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Market: Trade between the lizardfolk and the outside world occurs in an open area marketplace filled with small stalls.
  2. Dragon’s Rest: The village’s only inn and tavern, Dragon’s Rest mostly caters to those visiting Ossoko Draconsha.
  3. Deggrick’s Smithy: Deggrick assists the lizardfolk from his smithy, fashioning raw materials into useful tools.
  4. Council Hall: Ossoko Draconsha’s councillors live in a series of large huts with their own private mud pools.
  5. Belway Consortium: The Belway Consortium constructed a small, rough stone manor house from which to manage their business interests.
  6. Shrine: A large hut and adjoining huts serve as the village’s religious centre, housing a dragon’s skull.
  7. Kellesta’s Pool: When a specific ceremony is performed, this pool changes from acid to restorative waters.
  8. Houses: The lizardfolk live communally in these small huts.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Deggrick Cleftaxe (location 3; LG male dwarf ex-paladin 3) Deggrick plies his trade as a local blacksmith, teaching to the lizardfolk in hopes of atonement.
  • Elden Ralophon (location 5; NE male hale-elf wizard 6) Elden works for the consortium, sabotaging the sacred pool.
  • Kamen Galloway (location 2; NG male human occultist 6) Kamen arrived to investigate the shrine and mysterious pool.
  • Nanya Bluefell (location 2; CN female halfling rogue 5) Nanya poses as a local entertainer but is secretly a skilled thief.
  • Romanta Shoon (location 8; CG female aasimar oracle 4) Romanta feels mysteriously drawn to Ossoko Draconsha and bears a familial resemblance to Kellesta.
  • Ssaruk (location 6; N male lizardfolk witch 7) Ssaruk administers the shrine and offers spiritual guidance to the village.
  • Xrakka (location 4; CG female lizardfolk barbarian 5) Xrakka is the head councillor and is fiercely protective of the village. She works hard to keep it out of intertribal squabbles.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Ossoko Draconsha

“Ossoko Dragonsha (VA:OD) is the latest installment in Raging Swan’s Village Backdrop Series. It is my first issue though, so I can’t compare with former installments, but if this one is indication for the backdrops’ overall quality, I may have to start collecting soon.”

–Bjorn A (five stars)

“Ossoko Draconsha may have an odd name, but it is all awesome and, from the get-go, does feature truly intriguing and captivating adventuring options; due to its unique nature and location…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by John Bennett

Released 10 December 2015; Pages 10

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