Village Backdrop: Revenge

One of the largest, oldest, and—until recently—most peaceful villages near the pirate town of Deksport, Revenge has grown from humble beginnings into a thriving inland farming community straddling both banks of the Buccaneer River.

By Tommi Salama

By Tommi Salama



Founded over 20 years ago by the colourful pirate captain Tarvin Brineshadow and his shipmates, and named after their vessel, Revenge has prospered ever since. The surrounding land is fertile, if prone to occasional flooding, and few of the folk living there these days have ever served on a pirate ship. Life has been quiet and a little dull. That’s all changed in recent days, as an old enemy from Captain Brineshadow’s past has come to Revenge in search of bloody vengeance, and a sense of impending doom permeates the village.

Notable Locations

  1. Ferry: A chain ferry is used to cross the Buccaneer River.
  2. The Ferry Inn: Revenge’s hostelry caters for travellers, offering warm beds and hearty food in a convivial atmosphere.
  3. Turtle Trading Post: Sells all manner of goods and supplies to local farmers, river traders and travellers.
  4. Brineshadow Manor: This large building is home to the founder and ruler of the village, Tarvin Brineshadow.
  5. Village Church: Dedicated to Serat, Mistress of Storms, the church has few regular worshippers.
  6. Mill: The village mill stands idle following the violent death of the miller, Bart Quint.
  7. Palisade: Protects the village from local orc and goblin tribes.
  8. Old Barn: Red Jaska Purho is hiding in this abandoned barn as he wages his campaign of terror on the Revenge’s ex-crew.
  9. The Pinnacle: A strange, tall spire of rock stands in the forest to the northeast of the village.

Notable Folk

  • Brother Lobell (location 5; CG male human cleric 1) Well-meaning young priest of Serat, sent here from Deksport.
  • Feijo Grogsblood (location 2; CN male middle-aged human warrior 2/expert 2) Landlord of the Ferry Inn and ex-crewman on the Revenge.
  • Kaisa Two-Teeth (location 3; N female middle-aged half-orc warrior 1/expert 1) Loud and earthy owner of the Turtle Trading Post. Ex-pirate, served on the Revenge.
  • Ol’ Veijo (location 1; N male old human warrior 1/expert 1) Grizzled old ferryman. Ex-pirate; part of the Revenge’s crew.
  • Red Jaska Purho (location 8; CE male revenant fighter 2) Former first mate and captain of the Helldrake, recently risen from the dead and out for revenge.
  • Tarvin Brineshadow (location 4; CN male middle-aged human fighter 5) Retired pirate captain; founder of Revenge.

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