Village Backdrop: Sea Bitch

Perched hard against steep cliffs and protected on the landward side by an earth ditch and berm, the small fishing village of Sea Bitch is a windy place. Founded fifteen years ago by the all-female crew of the eponymous pirate vessel, its inhabitants are famed for the trained eagles they use to hunt the seabirds nestling in the nearby cliffs.

Sea Bitch by Tommi Salama

Sea Bitch by Tommi Salama


Sea Bitch is known all along the coast as a place of shelter for women of all races fleeing from brutish, bullying husbands. But now the village is under threat–a warlike tribe of orcs have taken up residence in an ancient fortress in the nearby woods and Sea Bitch’s spiritual leader, the druid and ex-pirate Allindra Squallweather, has been spreading rumours of lost orcish treasure in the hopes of attracting fearless adventurers to the village.

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Sea Bitch: The rotted hull of this pirate ship lies on the beach and is home to Erwyn Splintertusk.
  2. Druid’s Cave: Allindra lives in a sea cave at the cliff’s base.
  3. Puffin Heights: The cliffs to the east of the village are home to hundreds of nesting puffins and razorbills.
  4. Aeries: Trained sea eagles build their nests high on the cliffs.
  5. The Stores: This well-stocked trading post sells fishing gear, dry goods and other equipment.
  6. The Merry Maiden: The village inn is a lively place where patrons can enjoy good ales, hearty food, music and dancing.
  7. The Docks: Always busy with fishing boats and merchant vessels arriving from Deksport and points beyond.
  8. Village Defenses: An earth ditch and berm protects the village.
  9. Forest: An ancient orcish fortress stands in the dense woods to the northwest of Sea Bitch, occupied once more by feral orcs.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Sea Bitch

“…it is a fun supplement, one that even made me, who at this moment honestly can’t stand to read yet another pirate-themed settlement, actually enjoy this pdf.”

Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

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