Village Backdrop: Shroudhaven

Nestled in a deep valley, Shroudhaven has never seen sunlight in the centuries since its founding. A long-forgotten war drove refugees to the valley where a persistent thick fog had permanently settled, a side-effect of magical might employed during the war. The fog shields its residents both from the elements and from those who might seek to destroy them merely for who they are. For most of those dwelling in Shroudhaven are undead. A dark reputation—like the pervasive fog—hangs over the village, but those spending time with the villagers tell a different story, one in which the battle against the base urges.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises resident homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Jinkin’s Bar and Grill: The first stop for many visitors, Betram Jinkin serves an array of food procured from the farm and the village’s mushroom fields.
  2. Manor House Inn: Several residents have suites in this massive mansion, which also houses newcomers to the village.
  3. Roarg’s Alchemy: An acrid stench permeates the air around this building, where Quentin Roarg creates alchemical supplies as a break from working on his passion project.
  4. The Cathedral: Meeting place of the ruling Gloomhand council, the Cathedral also serves as a prison.
  5. Hunting Shoppe: Sestra Vol’s shop contains a wide variety of hunting supplies, from simple weapons and snare traps to items suited to repel or destroy the undead.
  6. Yvaine’s Farm: Yvaine Grau raises sheep and cattle near one of the mushroom fields, which provides surprisingly healthy fare for the animals.
  7. Mushroom Fields: Since normal plants cannot grow without sunlight, Shroudhaven has turned to harvesting mushrooms.
  8. Theatre Mellavious: Varied performances grace the stages of this magnificent theatre on a nightly basis. Zuzu Mellavious invites visitors who catch her eye to perform on stage.
  9. Gear and Gears: Keren Zaris runs this general store, which has given over much of its space to the intricate clockwork objects Keren creates.
  10. Respite Lodge: Due to the dangerous creatures outside Shroudhaven, visitors might stop here for healing on arrival.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are undead. A few, however, are of particular interest to adventurers:

  • Bertram Jinkin (location 1; N male dwarf wizard 4/rogue 3) One of Shroudhaven’s few living residents, Bertram acts as the village’s “face” to newcomers.
  • Damiella Nightingale (location 8; CE female human vampire bard 11) Damiella is one of Zuzu’s prize pupils, with a voice capable of both shattering glass and soothing souls.
  • Keren Zaris (location 9; LE female vampire halfling expert 7) Keren spends her relative immortality perfecting various clockworks devices.
  • Quentin Roarg (location 3; NE male elf vampire wizard 12) Quentin has spent decades formulating a blood substitute.
  • Sestra Vol (location 5; CE female ghast ranger 9) Sestra runs her shop when she is not patrolling outside Shroudhaven.
  • Yvaine Grau (location 10; N old female elf cleric 15) Yvaine oversees her farm and Respite Lodge, where she provides aid to the living and undead alike, along with her wisdom.
  • Zuzu Mellavious (location 8; NE female halfling vampire bard 13) Proprietor of Theatre Mellavious, Zuzu develops new talent.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Shroudhaven

“This is an engaging village and an exercise in concise writing -while I have seen the angle been done before, I have never seen it done in this concise and unique a way, with a focus on the leitmotif of consumption – cultural and literal.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval [Pathfinder version])

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Download Shroudhaven Maps Shroudhaven Maps

Shroudhaven_cover_220A 5e Compatible GM’s Resource by Mike Welham

Released 12 September 2016; Pages 10

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A System Neutral GM’s Resource by Mike Welham

Released 12 September 2016; Pages 10

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