Village Backdrop: Silver Bluff

Silver Bluff provides respite from the nearby harsh mountains. Chief among these is Mount Argent, which the villagers mine for its namesake silver on behalf of the Hargrave’s Resources mining company. However, the respite is anything but welcome, as the miners distrust each other as much as they do strangers. The rich silver seams the miners have worked for over fifty years have dried up. While the recent discovery of powdered adamantine temporarily buoyed hopes among the villagers, a grisly murder has put everyone on edge.

By Tommi Salama

By Tommi Salama


Notable Locations

  1. Varda’s: The most accessible location in Silver Bluff features one of the village’s friendlier faces. Anja Varda’s modest inn houses the village’s infrequent visitors and adjoins the stable where pack mules rest between trips through the mountains.
  2. Assayers: If anything remotely approaches the “law” in Silver Bluff, it is Philbert Minje’s office. From here, he pays miners for their hauls when they return from Mount Argent.
  3. Colm’s: To the chagrin of dwarves living here, Colm Indra has proven to be the best smith in the region. When not crafting picks and mining equipment, he produces quality metal items.
  4. Barracks and Tavern: Miners spend their time here between their days-long shifts in Mount Argent.
  5. Mountain God’s Respite: Here, Vitor Kreeg proselytizes about his god while healing the sick and injured.
  6. Screaming Chasm: Before Silver Bluff’s founding, a bridge crossed the chasm warding Mount Argent. Ten years ago, something destroyed the bridge. Screaming sounds from the chasm during the dead of night.
  7. New Bridge: A month after the old bridge’s destruction, the new bridge was completed. The ramshackle bridge threatens to collapse and fall into the chasm at any moment.
  8. The Stone Giant: This massive stone humanoid figure predates regional civilizations by centuries.
  9. Mining Camp: Huts arrayed at Mount Argent’s foot provide some small protection from the wind.
  10. Mount Argent: The mountain’s rich seam of silver made Silver Bluff prosperous, but its depletion nearly spelled the village’s end, until powdered adamantine was discovered.

Notable Folk

  • Anja Varda (location 1; LN female half-orc fighter 6/druid 1) Anja runs the guesthouse, and watches over the pack mules vital for trade between Silver Bluff and points beyond.
  • Colm Indra (location 3; N male halfling expert 2) This halfling crafts and repairs mining equipment.
  • Csilla Kreeg (location 9; NE female dwarf barbarian 3) Taskmaster at the mining base camp, Csilla breaks up fights between ill-tempered miners.
  • Philbert Minje (location 2; LE male half-elf rogue 9/expert 2) The assayer guards Silver Bluff’s funds and pays miners for ore extracted from Mount Argent.
  • Vitor Kreeg (location 5; LN male dwarf cleric 5) Csilla Kreeg’s brother ministers to the villagers, often travelling to the mines to mend broken bones.
  • Zaran Shattersword (location 10; N female human ranger 8) The current hero of Silver Bluff, Zaran found the powdered adamantine that revived the village’s fortunes.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Silver Bluff

“Mike Welham’s Silver Bluff is an evocative village with unique hazards and a nice theme.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)

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Released 28 August 2017; Pages 10

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Released 28 August 2017; Pages 10

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