Village Backdrop: Thornhill

Standing on the fringes of a vast and noisome swamp, Thornhill is a miserable, hard place of cloying mud, grasping thorns and insular, superstitious folk. There is a little cheer to be had in Thornhill; the few visitors describing it as dull and dreary as the surrounding swamps. For all that, though, a steady trickle of adventurers visit Thornhill for the half-buried and drowned ruins of several tombs said to lie forgotten in the surrounding marshland and the villagers have friends among the nearby degenerate lizard man who make excellent guides in the trackless, far reaches of the swamp.

By Tom Fayen

By Tom Fayen

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Mud Bridge: This often muddy, stout wooden bridge is the only way to easily reach Thornhill.
  2. The Drunken Lizard: Thornhill’s only tavern is a dank, shadowed place. The food and drink are adequate at best.
  3. Wennell’s: Thornhill’s trading station is run by the family of the same name. Densely packed with all manner of mundane things, there is little of obvious interest here for adventurers.
  4. Aelfgar Wymer’s House: Here dwells the reeve and his spiteful, shrewish wife, Ricola Wymer. The house is well maintained.
  5. Hall of the Sun: Dedicated to Darlen, elaborate carvings of the rising sun decorate this otherwise humble hall.
  6. Gyric Walwin’s Home: An elderly sage, Gyric Walwin, dwells in this ramshackle old building. Vines and ivy grow over much of his home, crowding out most of the light from the building’s narrow windows.
  7. Osred’s House: Home to Ymma Winbow, this stone building is the oldest and largest in the village. The windows on the third floor command sweeping views over the locality.
  8. Blacksmith: This large building features a workshop at the front containing not only the normal accoutrements of the blacksmith’s trade but also a small pool.
  9. Yonwin’s: The stench of this place permeates the whole village. Here the villagers sell their excess catch to Yonwin, a crippled halfling merchant.
  10. Isle of the Lizards: A single hut stands upon this island, which the lizard men claim as a holy place. Most nights, Zissren leads her fellows in worship to their primitive gods.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Aedwen Sirett (location 5; NG female human cleric 2) Kind hearted, Aedwen is well-liked by the villagers. She often preaches to villagers and travellers alike.
  • Aelfgar Wymer (location 4; LN male human fighter 2) This sullen, boring man is the village reeve.
  • Gyric Walwin (location 6; N male half-elf wizard 2) The longest lived of Thornhill’s residence, Gyric cares little for his neighbours, most of whom he labels as inbred idiots.
  • Odda Kerrich (location 2; NE male half-orc cleric 1/rogue 2) Beset by a perpetual hacking cough, Odda is overly friendly to travellers staying at the Drunken Lizard.
  • Ricola Wymer (location 5; LN female human) Spiteful and deliberately rude to her fellows, Ricola is universally seen as ill-mannered and stuck up.
  • Sithric Siggers (location 2; NE male human fighter 1) A boorish, oft-drunk fisherman normally found at the Drunken Lizard. He has a reputation as a troublemaker and brawler.
  • Wulfric Isgar (location 8; N male human) This sour faced poet chants dirges and elegies while at his forge.
  • Zissren (location 10; NG female lizard man cleric 3) A tall, cunning lizard man of exceptional intellect, Zissren works to mollify her fellows’ more savage instincts.

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Released 25 July 2016; Pages 10

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