Village Backdrop: Tigley

Wracked by disaster, Tigley is a village reborn. Standing on the fringes of a noisome marshland, its folk make their living from the swamp, and harvesting the guano excavated from the caves honeycombing the spire of rock upon which stands much of the village. But all is not peaceful in Tigley. The villagers’ unique burial rituals have attracted undead to certain nearby sunken ruins and goblins have been seen in the locality. In the village itself, influential figures vie for control of the local industries, a bully uses his influence to spread lies and cause trouble and the village priest hides a terrible secret. Once again, Tigley is a village teetering on the edge of disaster, but this time it is a disaster of the village’s own making.

By Tommi Salama

By Tommi Salama


The villagers work the surrounding swamplands and sometimes adventurers use the village as a base from which to explore the surrounding swamp. Goblins live in the nearby woods and occasionally raid the village—although (at least recently) this is a rare event.

Notable Locations

Most of Tigley comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Stack: A solid granite promontory upon which the village clings.
  2. Stone’s Throw Orphanage: This large half-timber building houses orphans from the nearby city.
  3. The Belt: This rough and rickety rope and wood bridge spans the chasm dividing the village.
  4. The Square: This cobbled open area is used for village celebrations and festivals.
  5. The Well: Bats use this disused old stone well to exit their cavern-home.
  6. Cliffside: A large forge and its warehouses cover the far side of the cliffs. Several lifts and pathways connecting them.
  7. The Foundation: This large stone tower and several wooden building is the village’s centre of worship. Dead villagers are lowered from a platform into the lake below, during funerals.
  8. The Paper Press: A well-maintained wooden building with a watermill running beside it. Looking slightly out of place, the wood of this building is obviously imported.
  9. The Crack in the Wall: Several shacks and huts now serve as Tigley’s tavern and inn.
  10. The Wash: This open cobbled area has wooden jetties and a sturdy stone bridge. Used as a communal gathering area it is busy most times of the day.
  11. The Sink: The villagers use this large, muddy lake to bury their dead.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Tigley

“Steve Hood’s Tigley is a great little village – its industry and population feel organic and concise; the local color is superb and the quirks and traditions mentioned conspire to make the village feel organic and alive.”

–Endzeitgeist (four stars)


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Released 28 August 2017; Pages 10

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Released 28 August 2017; Pages 10

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Download Tigley’s Maps

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