Village Backdrop: Underdell

The once quiet and quaint halfling community of Underdell rests along the Old Road near the Salt Mire. Steeped in tradition and idleness, the Underdellians found themselves unprepared to deal with the horrors of the plague outbreak in nearby Ashford. Terror gripped Underdell, tearing apart the strong bonds of family and friendship. Fear and paranoia took root in the halflings’ hearts as they tried to escape sickness and death. As Underdell falls apart, a vile halfling bandit has used the chaos to take control of Underdell, enforcing a strict martial law. As neighbour turns on neighbour, a group of bandits terrorize merchant caravans traveling through Ashlar, raiding with impunity and aided by a rich noble. The Underdellians, their smiles and laughter turned to tears and hopelessness, live in fear of another plague outbreak and the harsh punishment of the bandits who insist they are protecting and enriching the village.


Notable Locations

A few locations in Underdell are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Jail: Recently built, as Underdell never had a need before, the jail lies along the road leading to the village. A small, wooden guardhouse sits across from the jail as a security checkpoint. Guards rigorously screen all visitors for signs of the plague, before allowing them entry. Anyone suspected of illness is held here before their lifeless body is dumped in the pits out back.
  2. Marketplace: A number of small businesses stand around an open space once the heart and soul of Underdell. Weekly markets, replete with entertainment as well as festivals, took place here before fear and paranoia gripped the village.
  3. The Gallows: Once a bit of dark humour, the local tavern and inn’s name seems more fitting now. Formerly a cosy, accommodating place, its regulars now grip their mugs tightly, casting suspicious glances at everyone.
  4. Eveninggarden: A beautiful church of flowing greenery and flowers dedicated to Conn was Underdell’s spiritual heart. Few now find faith in Conn, feeling betrayed by the god. Its resident priest, Father Jalo Tammi, still holds services, vainly attempting to instil hope back into the community.
  5. Mannerheim Brewery: This large halfling home is both the mayoral residence for Linodal Mannerheim and Underdell’s most famous brewery. Vihtori’s bandits keep the mayor imprisoned in his own home, using him as a puppet leader.
  6. Kirsi’s House: The halflings converted this dwelling to accommodate the human wizard, Kirsi Niskanen, replete with another building to serve as her workshop. Kirsi, a former prisoner in Dulwich’s dungeons, reluctantly works her magic in Vihtori’s service to pay off her debts. To the outsiders, she is Underdell’s eccentric wizard.
  7. Conn’s Finger: A forty-foot-high watchtower stands atop a squat hill originally built by the Knights of the Eternal Watch to safeguard the Old Road and survey the Salt Mire. Abandoned for years, it now houses a contingent of human mercenaries from Dulwich who aid Vihtori and act as a liaison between him and the mysterious noble who feeds him information on plump merchant caravans.
  8. The Compound: Vihtori built a base hidden from view by a small, rocky hill. The compound serves as a barracks for the bandits along with pens for the riding dogs and ponies. A 10-foot-high wooden palisade surrounds the complex.

Praise for Underdell

“John Bennett’s Underdell is a pretty nice, gritty little fantasy village.”

–Endzeitgeist (four stars)


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Released 14 May 2018; Pages 12

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Released 14 May 2018; Pages 12

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