Village Backdrop: Vaagwol

The tall, dreary walls of Vaagwol nestle on the marshy edge of the Twyll River delta. Barely seen through the ever-present fog, the Hungry Dead continually claw at the village’s stout stones; scratching and moaning a constant reminder to those trapped inside of the doom lingering outside their walls. Further walls divide the village inside to prevent the spread of the Craving. The residents scurry through narrow lanes, afraid to venture too close to fellow citizens, lest they be infected with the plague that turns them into the same shambling monsters that threaten from without.




Notable Locations

  1. Vaagwol Hall: This hall is a block-like building that serves as the centre of government and trade for the village.
  2. Elspeth the Martyr Hospital: The hospital is run by the sisters of St. Elspeth the Martyr who strive daily to both care for the health of the villagers and fight the plague.
  3. Cutters’ Guild Hall: The Cutters’ Guild makes regular forays into the bog to cut peat or to the hilly cost to dig clay. They often hire guards when working outside the walls.
  4. Wallers’ Guild Hall: The dwarven dominated Wallers’ Guild Hall is surrounded by several rings of walls and is perhaps the most defensible location in the village.
  5. The Quiet Maid: Popular public house with rooms for let.
  6. Bereavement Watch Barracks: There is one of these barrack houses in each district, filled with soldiers on the lookout for both the dead and signs of the Hunger infecting their charges.
  7. Ytes’ Mansion: This solitary mansion is home to the bachelor physician Bychan Ytes (and his unfortunate test subjects).
  8. Docks: The piers stand outside the protection of the walls.
  9. Solnicht Bog: Home to peat and centuries of battles.
  10. Fey-Cursed Hills: Once home to the Sylvan Court, the hills now shelter a band of brigands in the village of Feyhall (whose location is a secret to all but a few).

Notable Folk

  • Caltha Stonestacker (location 4; LN female dwarf expert 3) Cartha is a brash and stout woman, even for a dwarf, who leads the Wallers guild. She is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the great walls that protect the village from the dead and the spread of the Hunger.
  • Bychan Ytes (location 7; LE male human expert 3) Bychan is fascinated by the Hunger, which has so far defied magical attempts to curtail its spread. His obsession turns darker with each passing day and he has begun to document the disease’s progression on those imprisoned in his cellar.
  • Mayor Alfrant Merryn (location 1; LN male human expert 2) A successful merchant from a respectable family, Alfrant has parlayed his breeding and wealth into political office. He generally believes in stoically ignoring any unpleasantness the village suffers and instead tells stories of better days.
  • Phethil Riverdancer (location 8; CG male elf rogue 2) The dashing patriarch of the small elven community, his family controls much of the trade passing through the village. While looked down upon by the village’s respectable families, the bravery and daring of the Riverdancer Forwarding Company is the lifeblood of Vaagwol’s economic health.
  • Scythemaster Ecta Jenigan (location 6; LG female human fighter 3) The Scythemaster is the honourable leader of the Bereavement Watch, who both garrison the village’s defences and cull the sick inside the walls.
  • Slow Ewain (location 5; CN male human rogue 1) A spy from Feyhall, Ewain is craftier than his moniker implies.

Praise for Village Backdrop: Vaagwol

“Beyond feeling concise, the prose is simply excellent: From the titles of local offices to the descriptive writing, the sense of dread permeating this little pdf resonates quite strongly with my dark fantasy and horror-loving heart…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)

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