Village Backdrop: White Moon Cove

White Moon Cove is a respectable fishing village set in a sheltered cove which acts as an excellent, natural harbour. The inhabitants of this tightly-knit community are sober, hardworking and amiable fishermen, traders and other sturdy folk making their living from the sea. Despite being a fairly peaceful and law-abiding place, White Moon Cove still hold many opportunities for adventure, from rumours of secret smuggler activity to an ancient and possibly haunted lighthouse. Yet, perhaps the most famous reason for White Moon Cove’s notoriety is the mysterious underwater edifice known as the Sunken Pyramid which lies hidden far beneath the waves a few miles out to sea.

By Marc Radle

By Marc Radle


Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. Seafoam Trade Goods: Edric’s Trading Shop is almost always busy with sailors, merchants and local residents alike.
  2. Gwyn’s Smithy: This large building is owned and operated by Orin Gwyn. Items available include sword blades, farming implements, eating utensils and ship’s tools.
  3. Sleeping Triton: The Sleeping Triton comprises a spacious tavern with two dozen cosy rooms. It is easily one of the most popular places in White Moon Cove.
  4. White Chapel: White Moon Cove’s temple is one of the village’s most impressive buildings. Recently constructed, the temple’s high-domed roof gleams in the sunlight.
  5. Village Hall: This building comprises a large central meeting room and a number of smaller chambers and offices. It is well-guarded during the day and securely locked at night.
  6. Dorna’s Fishmonger’s Shop: This large building, located near both the marketplace and the docks, is a popular destination of sailors and fisherman alike.
  7. The Cyclops: Known to locals as “The Cyclops,” this old stone lighthouse sits at the mouth of the cove. It is by far the oldest structure in the village.
  8. Marketplace: Numerous stalls and animal pens fill the area in a semi-organized jumble. A large weekly market day draws people from all over the local area.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Barro Godwyn (location 5; NG male human) Head of the village council, Barro is a stern fellow.
  • Corwyn Redcrow (location 3; N male human wizard 7) This reclusive wizard is often found at the Sleeping Triton.
  • Dorna (location 6; N female half orc rogue 4) Operates White Moon Cove’s fishmonger shop (and brothel).
  • Edric (location 1; N male human bard 2/rogue 2) This charming, charismatic man owns Seafoam Trade Goods.
  • Galen Nrek (location 5; LN male human fighter 4) White Moon Cove’s gruff, but capable, constable.
  • Kandra (location 4; NG female human cleric 5) This quiet and kind priestess officiating at the White Chapel.
  • Old Grif Serann (location 3; LG male old human ex-paladin 4) The one-armed, sahuagin-hating village drunkard.
  • Orin Gwyn (location 2; LG male human fighter 1) This bald, brawny man operates Gwyn’s Smithy.
  • Perrin (location 3; CG female middle-aged halfling) Perrin is the proprietor of the Sleeping Triton.

White Moon Cove features in Marc Radle’s adventure, The Sunken Pyramid.

Praise for White Moon Cove

“Wherever White Moon Cove is, I think I want to visit it!”

–Megan Robertson (five stars)

“As a fisher village with some nice potential for adventures and further support coming up, I can easily recommend this pdf.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)

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