Village Backdrop: Y’taris

A stone circle marks the confluence of ley lines in this bleak and broken place. Among the ancient runes and onyx pillars burn secret powers hidden by gods and men alike. But to the people of Y’taris, the stone circle is just a tourist destination for the rich. Every year, hundreds of spellcasters make the long pilgrimage to the stone circle high in the Broken Mountains. The citizens provide food, shelter, baubles and entertainment, and all for exorbitant prices. Merchants bleed visitors of their gold, while pickpockets and scam artists take the rest. Y’taris is a nest of thieves. Anyone is welcome, as long as they have the coin.

By Tommi Salama

By Tommi Salama


Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Grey Market: Filled with vendors, beggars, panhandlers and pickpockets, all magical goods can be found here (at exorbitant prices).
  2. The Confluence: The reason mages flock to Y’taris, this stone circle intensifies magical ability and enhances arcane study.
  3. The Pit: A conduit of necromantic power, the Pit draws powerful liches and other unsavoury spellcasters from across the world.
  4. The Gibbering Stone Inn: This inn and tavern epitomizes everything about a cheap tavern except for its prices.
  5. Raven’s Reach: Raven’s Reach inn provides wealthy visitors with opulence and a reason to spend far too much gold on frivolities.
  6. Griffon’s Call: This gambling hall is the third best place to lose money in Y’taris.
  7. Mage Society: Within the Mage Society, novices pay hefty dues in hopes of arcane revelations that never come.
  8. Trading Post: At the trading post, the merchants of Y’taris buy alchemic ingredients from travelling salesmen.
  9. Onyx Hall: Onyx Hall, which sells necromantic goods, is perhaps the only store in Y’taris worth the price.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than hardworking peasants. A few, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  • Ayred Guilespire (location 1; LE male elf cleric 2/expert 2) Gaunt and impossibly pale, Ayred owns nearly all the stalls in the Grey Market. He speaks for all shops and panhandlers, ensures their prices and methods are in line, and represents their interests in council meetings.
  • Davyn Highhall (location 5; N male human wizard 1) Davyn is like a hundred other spellcasters who travel to Y’taris each year. Born from a noble family, he seeks to enhance his pitiful magical ability by studying the Confluence. Instead, he is being cheated out of his entire inheritance.
  • Girmark Flaskgut (location 1; NE female dwarf expert 2/rogue 3) Girmark’s years of thievery are mostly behind her. Now, she teaches and organizes the pickpockets and burglars, and represents their interests in council meetings.
  • Mulgin Kulon (location 5; LE male gnome expert 3) Mulgin is a disgusting, boil covered gnome who spits when he talks. He oversees operations at all taverns, inns and gambling halls, and represents their interests in council meetings.
  • Stockmaster (location 9; LE male gnome cleric 6) Stockmaster runs Onyx Hall, the premier provider of necromantic goods and services in Y’taris. He is taciturn and precise and expects his customers to be the same.
  • Xthelis (location 3; NE female human lich wizard 11) Xthelis is one of the few individuals actually worthy of the arcane power available. She spends her time solely at the Pit, studying runes and practicing her necromancy. She showers the citizens with gold and they give her whatever she needs.
  • Yosrin Nimblefingers (location 1; CN male halfling bard 1/rogue 3) Yosrin is an expert pickpocket and something of a legend among his peers. He covers his good looks with dirty brown clothes, and sometimes clashes with Girmark Flaskgut over the appropriate distribution of stolen goods.

(Note, the statistics above are drawn from the Pathfinder edition of this product; check out the free samples below for edition specific statistics).


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Released 10 October 2016; Pages 10

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