Vilppu Raita

Balding with short-cut hair and a cheery look on his flabby, ruby face this man wears work-stained leathers. Deep wrinkles surround his red-rimmed eyes. 

Vilppu Raita (LN middle-aged male human cleric [Conn] 2) drinks heavily most days—usually for pleasure, but more recently to mask his worries—and still clings to his belief in the Father. He travelled extensively in his youth but had grown indolent while serving at the Father’s Hall. In recent months, his spells have begun to fail—not all the time, but enough to concern him. 

Personality: Worried about what his failure to cast some spells means, and suspecting he has fallen into the Father’s disfavour, Vilppa is desperate for a means of atonement. However, he loves wine and women and is shrewd and charismatic enough to get both. Thus his weaknesses distract and bedevil him. 

Mannerisms: Perpetually dreaming of his next jack of wine, Vilppa is always licking his lips. 

Hook: Vilppa has decided the best way to regain the Father’s favour is to champion the rule of law. He has heard of bandits lurking in the hills to the east and want help bringing them to justice.


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