Wandering Mercenaries

A quartet of mercenaries seeks work in a nearby town. Recently having finished an easy job with a local merchant they want another such post. The band comprises: 

  • Eskeli Mielo (LN middle-aged male human fighter 2) serves as the group’s spokesperson but isn’t actually in charge. Of the four, he is the most experienced having soldiered for almost two decades. Bald and burly with a thick beard he holds himself with confidence. Eskeli wears scale mail and carries a steel shield, longsword and spear.
  • Eeva Laso (LN female human fighter 1) carries a shortbow, a full quiver of arrows and is a skilled shot. She wears studded leather armour, is clearly nimble and agile and carries a handaxe for personal defence. Perceptive and alert, she makes an excellent guard.
  • Filpus Asikka (N male human fighter 1) looms over this friends, standing almost seven-foot tall. A huge, muscular man he carries a gigantic two-handed axe which he wields with ease. He wears old, but well-maintained chainmail. Filpus has black hair and thick, bushy eyebrows that make it look like he is perpetually frowning. 
  • Kulta Himottu (NG female human fighter 1) lurks behind her companions and is shy of new people. Quiet and unassuming, she is the group’s conscience. Intelligent, she often thinks of things her companions miss, and thus her word carries great weight with them. She wears scale mail and carries a steel shield, longsword and spear

The four could conceivably sign on with the PCs, if the offer is good enough (at least 2 gp a week each along with all living expenses) but won’t do any actual adventuring. They are happy to guard the PCs’ camp and property, however, and are a trustworthy band. The four are loyal to one another and do all they can to keep each other safe. 


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