Wandering Sellswords

Ostensibly sellswords in search of an employer these two warriors are in reality scouts for a local bandit gang watching for easy pickings on the road.  

Ahti Kultimo

Ahti Kultimo (NE male human fighter 1) wears a dirty, travel-stained cloak and looks a little disreputable. He wears battered chainmail and carries two short swords.

Personality: Bluff and hearty, Ahti tries to ingratiate himself with other travellers and in casual conversation attempts to learn as much about their destination and business as possible. Black of heart and utterly fixated on himself, Ahti is a deeply unpleasant person. 

Mannerisms: Ahti speaks in an animated fashion, using over-the-top hand gestures and the like. 

Hook: Ahti is not good at hiding his intentions; perceptive PCs may realise there is something not quite right about the dishevelled warrior.

Eljas Montaja

Eljas Montaja (NE male human rogue 1) prefers silence to constant chatter, and does not like Ahti as a result. 

Personality: As irredeemably evil as the foulest cultist, Eljas craves wealth and power. He hates living in the wilds and dreams of moving away somewhere he is not known. He needs money to do that, though. 

Mannerisms: Eljas has a constant, unblinking stare; some find it disconcerting. 

Hook: Eljas would love to see Ahti get his just desserts. If combat breaks out between the PCs and the bandits, Eljas immediately abandons his companion. Alternatively, Eljas may offer to serve the PCs as a guard in a bid to escape the life of a bandit. He deserts as soon as the group reach a large town or city.


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