War-Torn Town: Townsfolk

Even the most war-torn town has townsfolk, and the PCs are bound to want to talk so some of them. But who has the time for that kind of game prep?

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use this table to generate details of interesting, but minor townsfolk the PCs encounter in the town. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Hulbert Yulph (LG male human commoner 1) is an ebullient fellow who greets everyone he sees with a hearty handshake and crushing hug.
  2. Melosy Polder (CE female human commoner 1) is a labourer who mutters death threats at anyone who tries to talk to her.
  3. Rumon Azsher (N male half-orc warrior 1) is a mercenary who stayed in the area after his unit moved on.
  4. Riella Vienette (N female human commoner 1) devotes much of her time mending socks and boots for soldiers in the local garrison.
  5. Impet Goisewoth (CE male gnome adept 1) is a scraggly sort many believe to be an enemy spy, but no one can prove it.
  6. Kash Aroben (CG male half-orc warrior 3) loves few things better than day-long drinking session and swapping war stories.
  7. Lubar Wunst (CE male half-orc aristocrat 1) hired a group of mercenaries recently but has yet to reveal what he intends to do with them.
  8. Balfra Drusli (LN female dwarf warrior 3) leads a band of renowned mercenaries who’ve never failed a contract.
  9. Hanta Shilion (CE female half-elf commoner 2) is a poet whose work only ever has to do with death, despair and vivid images of violence.
  10. Della Bairn (CN female gnome aristocrat 2) is a shrewd investor in local graveyard development and plot purchases.
  11. Chelatha Alains (N female elf expert 2) is the hard-eyed leader of a caravan currently stuck in town thanks to the ongoing battles.
  12. Simwen Utgrog (N male dwarf commoner 2) keeps a steady watch from his guard post on the walls, often singing dwarven chants to himself.
  13. Phiryadil Smullins (N male half-elf commoner 2) is a pudgy fellow who no longer fits into his old armour.
  14. Sestine Ingeltine (CG male gnome adept 1) offers his magical talent to ward the town against enemy spellcasters.
  15. Vinda Northbrook (NG female gnome adept 1) is a rat-catcher who works hard to keep any plague from breaking out alongside the battles.
  16. Wilkins Chebrust (LG male human commoner 3) used to be an excellent soldier before losing a leg. Now the old man regales children with tales of honour and glory.
  17. Xecatha Falenet (LE female elf expert 2) is the mayor’s closest counsellor on how to turn a profit from the war.
  18. Jugog Viggers (NE male half-orc commoner 1) is a soldier who ends up in jail more often than town criminals due to his violent behaviour.
  19. Simmianth Striave (CN male half-elf adept 1) trains the town’s mages in defensive and offensive manoeuvres.
  20. Gundefar Madderson (CE female halfling warrior 1) is a would-be assassin who isn’t subtle enough for anything but direct assault on her targets.
  21. Sheba Olien (CE female human aristocrat 1) was elected town mayor due to her past war heroics, though some think she killed a former commander to cover some treachery.
  22. Thoz Gonstrat (CG male dwarf commoner 2) works as a cook in the local garrison, keeping the soldiers well-fed.
  23. Castien Harrive (NG male half-elf expert 3) is an unparalleled archer who many believe was once royalty of some sort.
  24. Huffles Theubeaut (LG male human warrior 3) is a jovial sort whose head injury keeps him from forming coherent sentences.
  25. Undles Quelscent (NE male gnome commoner 1) will snatch bread from a child if it means keeping his own belly full.
  26. Elberga Kildiss (N female halfling expert 1) designs latches and locks, but also gladly teaches lockpicking lessons to anyone willing to pay.
  27. Frild Hono (CG male halfling expert 2) sets traps in the nearby forest and brings the skins and meat back to town for trade.
  28. Melich Jullains (LE male half-elf warrior 2) is the mayor’s bodyguard and will not hesitate to kill on command.
  29. Oriri Reswone (LN female dwarf aristocrat 1) is planning a rebuilding effort to restore homes damaged in the war.
  30. Muvea Kilmon (N female dwarf warrior 1) carries about a battered, misshapen shield and never sets it down.
  31. Cax Lomundist (LG female gnome adept 3) teaches others how to grow their own gardens to try and offset the town’s food supply problems.
  32. Ebbub Jarek (NG male half-orc adept 1) offers bone-mending services that, while painful, are quite effective.
  33. Dellabon Tamneuth (LE male half-elf warrior 3) is drunk most days, yet remains a lethal duellist who challenges anyone he dislikes.
  34. Sontor Ralven (CG female elf commoner 1) is an herbalist who often doles out “healing potions” at no charge.
  35. Abelot Drefu (LN male human aristocrat 1) comes from old money, but is finding it rapidly running out due to war taxes and commercial disruptions.
  36. Jemon Xelve (NG male human commoner 2) has used the war as inspiration for his sculptures and paintings, though these aren’t selling as well as he’d like.
  37. Delrinya Varlay (CN female half-elf warrior 2) has come into town to avenge a sibling slain in a recent battle.
  38. Errold Gobert (LG male human commoner 2) is a brewer who somehow has kept the ale flowing despite the disruption of his supply lines.
  39. Molcat Vatian (LN female gnome aristocrat 1) has hired numerous mercenaries to keep her prized art collection from being damaged or stolen in the war.
  40. Lymon Kogets (CE male human expert 2) will buy anyone a drink so long as he can get them drunk enough to make off with their valuables.
  41. Norvash Micaigh (LE female half-elf expert 3) is gorgeous lawyer who excels at snatching up deeds for abandoned properties.
  42. Oruk Zarbeg (NE male half-orc warrior 2) has been known to let unsavoury characters bribe him to let them slip through the town gates.
  43. Boph Pattlecat (N male halfling expert 2) is a fleet-footed courier who always has the latest news of the war.
  44. Pertel Noaches (CE male gnome adept 3) takes strange delight in setting stray dogs and cats aflame and sending them running across town.
  45. Cerdove Townser (CN female halfling commoner 2) leaves tiny wooden carvings all around town as an attempt to cheer up his fellow townsfolk.
  46. Milla Rimenst (NE female human warrior 1) is a stocky sellsword who’ll gladly turn on her current master for promises of higher pay.
  47. Fruiment Dob (CN male human warrior 1) boasts of once being a mercenary lord, but few believe the claims of the gangly teenager.
  48. Bronith Garlum (NE male dwarf expert 3) is an armourer known to sell weapons and armour to both side of the war.
  49. Oloun Skodgins (CE male dwarf warrior 2) is a cruel gladiator who currently reigns supreme in the town’s fighting pits.
  50. Menther Icieve (NG female half-elf adept 2) is an unpopular pacifist priest who holds daily sermons and vigils for those who have fallen.

Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town

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