War-Torn Town: Waifs, Strays & Beggars

War shatters societies, and brings unimaginable suffering an torment. It also spawns desperate people with nowhere to go but the streets…

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use this table to generate details of the waifs, strays and beggars the PCs encounter in the town. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Fehilde Ragguard (CN female dwarf commoner 1) wanders town, muttering to herself and occasionally asking passers-by if they know her real name.
  2. Jacy Alpaiden (CE female halfling commoner 1) loves the thrill of a chase and often deliberately draws attention to her pickpocketing.
  3. Abelyn Tildis (CG female human commoner 1) is a wide-eyed orphan who acts as a street informant for the Watch.
  4. Notdgers Gothran (N male halfling adept 2) has adopted a pack of stray dogs; they hunt the alleys for food together.
  5. Euroma Wellenbenst (NE female gnome expert 2) sneaks around town, marking buildings with a stick of chalk for unknown purposes.
  6. Jehanne Mackle (CE female human warrior 2) spends most of her day staring at a rusty short sword, her only remaining quasi-valuable possession in life.
  7. Besyr Nonyn (CN male half-elf commoner 1) came to town believing a local elf is his mother, but all attempts to meet with her have been rebuffed.
  8. Heymon Poitois (N male human adept 1) wanders about talking only to his invisible (pretend) companion.
  9. Khali Evroult (LG female gnome commoner 1) knows only one word: “Sorry.” She uses it often.
  10. Ancel Chelete (LE male human commoner 2) enjoys hunting down street thieves and thrashing them until they give up whatever goods they’ve stolen.
  11. Weirnbert Francle (CN male halfling expert 1) is small, even for a halfling, and is most often seen sitting on window ledges around town.
  12. Tanylen Halam (CE male elf commoner 1) styles himself as a prophet of doom, pronouncing it on anyone who doesn’t take him seriously.
  13. Gilan Walnu (N female half-elf adept 2) is a shaggy-haired girl too afraid of her own spells to cast them properly.
  14. Hallecia Lingi (NE female gnome adept 1) randomly runs up and tries to bite people and then sprints off howling.
  15. Mikaeil Effray (NE male human expert 1) purposefully gets himself into trouble in order to be tossed into prison, where he at least has a roof to sleep under.
  16. Cotilda Primpose (N female gnome commoner 1) cuts her bright pink hair into scraps and offers it as good luck charms to those who give her food or coin.
  17. Kwalla Nilgbern (CN female dwarf commoner 1) is a youngling whose family died in a fire, and she bears burn scars all over her tiny body.
  18. Squig Nack (CE male half-orc commoner 1) gives himself a small cut every time someone gives him a coin. It’s his way of marking his disgraced state.
  19. Nigel Dracot (NE male human commoner 1) will simply follow people and stare at them all day long until they toss him a copper to get lost.
  20. Turus Zazel (CG male human expert 2) enjoys sneaking into homes and stealing clothes to wear the next day.

Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town

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