We Are Only $30 Away From Something Amazing!

At Raging Swan Press, we are only $30 away from something amazing.



We launched our Patreon campaign back in April and since then 40 of you have joined us raising almost $170 for every book we release! These guaranteed sales have in turn allowed us to triple the word rate we pay our designers. We’ve gone from paying one cent a word to paying three cents a word.

But I want to do more. I’ve taken another look at the numbers and our release schedule and it looks like if we hit $200 a release we can raise our pay rate again to five cents a word! That’s huge—and something I really want to do. It would put us almost on parity with publishers like Paizo and Wizards of the Coast and ensure our designers are getting a fair wage for their efforts. It will also mean that (hopefully) I’ll be able to secure even more releases from such awesome designers as Alexander Augunas, John Bennett, Robert Brookes, Richard Green, Jacob Trier, Josh Vogt, Mike Welham and more! Who knows—I might even be able to hire myself more often!

So I need your help. We are only $30 away from hitting that milestone. With $2 and $5 pledge levels we only need somewhere between 6 and 15 people to sign up. In return, you’ll get:

  • A weekly dose of high quality GM focused material designed to make your campaign prep easier.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping designers earn a proper wage for their efforts.
  • Every book before it goes on general release.
  • Every book cheaper than normal (if they pledge at the $2 level).

So if you’ve got a couple of spare dollars please consider joining us. You can learn more about our Patreon campaign here or by clicking on the graphic below.





Thanks very much in advance (hopefully) for your support! (And even if you can’t join the campaign sharing this exciting news with your chums would be greatly appreciated).

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2 thoughts on “We Are Only $30 Away From Something Amazing!

  1. I got a notice from Patreon about reaching the $200 level, but I didn’t see anything on your website. Please post something. More money leads to better content, which should increase ineterest.

    • I’m writing the announcement as we speak! Have no fear–I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve achieved and I shall be shouting about it..a lot!