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The PCs stand triumphant over the bloodied bodies of their fallen enemies. As they bind their wounds and begin to loot the corpses they ask, “So what’s that fighter’s weapon like, anyway?” An answer such as “it’s a masterwork longsword” is somewhat of an anticlimax, but who has the time to prepared detailed weapon descriptions these days given that the PCs will probably just sell it?

So What’s the Weapon Like, Anyway? banishes this problem by providing hundreds of detailed items for the busy GM to immediately use in his campaign.
“...is just as awesome- a truly useful GM-help, that, while not reinventing the wheel, provides beleaguered GMs with descriptions galore they can put on all kinds of weapons and thus make their campaign setting more immersive...If you want to add some nice fluff to the loot for your players, this is a must-purchase. My final verdict, due to lack of complaints and the stellar usefulness of this pdf, will be 5 stars + the Endzeitgeist seal of approval.”
--Endzeitgeist (five stars)

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Designer: Richard Green

Art: William McAusland

Format: Dual Format PDF

Page Count: 18

Release Date: April 22 2012

GM’s Resource > So What’s the Weapon Like, Anyway?

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Sample: Martial Weapons

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PDF ($3.99) d20Pfsrd, e23, Paizo, RPG Drivethru, RPG Now

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