What Books Do You Want Us to Publish?

It’s time for the Raging Swan Press question of the week!

Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “What Books Do You Want Us to Publish?

  1. I guess it would be too much to ask for an updated Core Rulebook that includes all classes, archetypes, traits, spells, feats, items?
    That book would be like 2000 pages long :p

  2. 100% crunch for Duergar and/or Drow.

    Something like a 100% crunch for Traps.

    Village backdrops with less rivers/oceans in them, makes them hard to place.

    • I see now that there are a lot of Duergar/Drow stats in “Caves & Caverns.” I bought the mega bundle so I haven’t fully explored all the books!

    • I’ll make a note of those. Thank you.

      Ryan (below) is right–there are some duergar/drow stats in Caves & Caverns. Also, the Dungeon Dressing line had a couple of trap instalments you should check out.

  3. I would really love to see you finish a detailed book on your mega dungeon I’ve really been intrigued with a Maps I would like to know more about it it seems like a labor of love and I’d like to run it in my local gaming club

    Thank you for all your efforts

  4. Creighton,
    I would love more of YOUR adventures. Your Shunned Valley was an unexpected treat last year and it reminded my why I like Raging Swan Press so much. I would love something like a followup to Retribution. I think we’ve talked about a delving deeper into the Shadowed Keep.
    Respectfully and thanks, Kirwyn