What’s Your Favourite Raging Swan Press Book?

It’s time for the Raging Swan Press Question of the Week!

Let use know what you think, in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Raging Swan Press Book?

  1. Of course I love the dungeon dressing, and I regularly use both the Urban (I & II) books as well as the Dungeon Dressing book to flavor my sprawling megapolis urban settings. When it comes to dressing its very hard to pick a favorite as nearly any list you publish is rich enough to get my own imagination flowing, or if in a rush to simply plant something straight from the list right into the game.

    Out of all the villages published so far (including Places of Power as well) I think I’m still most in love with “Idyll,” that fascinating “extra-planar witness protection program” setting. The most recent “20 Things – Slavers” fits perfectly in my campaign.

    I miss seeing “Campaign Events” get their time in the spotlight. Riots, Prison breaks, Portentous Dreams, and Masquerade Ball are the ones I have (not sure if there were any others). “Murder Mystery” seems a natural for that series, as well as one for “Religious Community Projects” that might include everything from daily rituals to organizing a barn-raising for a member. And of course hooks, hooks, hooks.

  2. That is a tough question…

    Dungeon Dressing
    Wilderness Dressing
    100% Crunch

    But I have to say, the series that best compensated for my biggest weakness is Villages/Towns.