White Dragon Hoard Treasures & Trinkets

Dragons are renown for their vast treasure hoards—it’s one of the main reason adventurers seek out their lairs. While much of the hoard likely comprise coinage and the like, inevitably other interesting objects—of a variety of values—is mixed in with the rest.


Use this table below, to add depth and flavour to the dragon’s hoard and assign a value to each piece of treasure suitable for your campaign. 

  1. A ten-gallon wooden barrel has been staved in on one side. The liquid inside—fine brandy—was frozen by the intense cold of the dragon’s breath and has formed a spilled puddle by the barrel. The frozen puddle of expensive brandy is stuck to the barrel making retrieving this treasure tricky.
  2. A gigantic white winter wolf fur cloak—once belonging to a frost giant—lies draped over a portion of the hoard. The fur is incredibly soft and keeps the wearer warm in all but the coldest climes.
  3. A ripped and torn belt pouch lies amid the snow and ice. Only perceptive PCs—or those searching very, very carefully—realise some of the ice crystals in the pouch are in fact small, unblemished diamonds. 
  4. A beautifully forged battleaxe is stuck to the nearby treasures by a thick layer of frost. The weapon’s head has a fine coating of frozen blood—the dragon’s—on the blade. One severed—frozen—hand yet clasps the axe’s haft.
  5. Two carefully bound piles of wolf and bear pelts roughly the size of a human’s torso lie close to one another. The piles are bulky, but the pelts are of excellent quality.
  6. Wrapped in a strip of faded, blue silk this small statuette represents a hunched yeti-like figure. Strangely the creature has a human’s face twisted into a sadistic grimace. (The statuette is a representation of a local nature spirit—the capricious god of the surrounding mountains). 
  7. Some kind of foul-smelling grease which has somehow resisted the freezing temperatures in the dragon’s lair fills this large pot. (The grease is melted whale blubber and has many uses including being used to protect creatures from hypothermia).
  8. This bronze and silver armband is sized for a human and has been cunningly worked into the shape of a writhing dragon—its open jaw ending just above the wearer’s wrist.
  9. A pair of heavy silver candelabras. One yet holds a stub of red candle.
  10. This cracked crystal decanter has a silver stopper cleverly wrought into the shape of a rearing swan’s head. Magic can repair the crystal. 
  11. A silver unholy symbol of a skull missing its jaw. 
  12. A long bronze-edged hunting horn complete with strap. The horn creates a long, undulating sound when blown.
  13. This small iron statuette depicts a slender tower—perhaps a wizard’s tower or a lighthouse. 
  14. This ripped front cover of a large book—perhaps a spellbook or grimoire has a secret slip pocket; perhaps a small treasure such as a scroll lies within. 
  15. A small sack, tightly tied with string, contains 20 packets of salt and 20 packets of pepper along with enough beef jerky to sustain a traveller for one week.
  16. A wolf fur-edged cowl tops this voluminous scarlet cloak. The cloak has fangs for buttons and four internal pockets.
  17. A monocle attached to a slender golden chain lies in a padded box small enough to fit into a pocket or pouch.
  18. A pair of soft, velvet slippers lie one inside the other under some coins. Anyone wearing such shoes in the mountains must have been insane—or protected by powerful magic
  19. The stopper of this empty cast iron vial is attached by a fine silver chain to the vial’s neck. The runes for magic and healing are picked out on the vial in silver to match the stopper’s chain. 
  20. This slender belt comprises nothing but hundreds of small iron rings.

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2 thoughts on “White Dragon Hoard Treasures & Trinkets

  1. Number 19 is really cool. It seems like something that could be used to quickly and magically craft and hold a “free” healing potion. Imagine packing it with snow or ice, then overnight it becomes a healing drought if consumed directly from the vial.