Willithar Azarian

With short, severely cut black hair and a lean frame this middle-aged half-elf woman wears the white and gold robes of a priest of Darlen. 

Willithar Azarian  (LG middle-aged female half-elf cleric [Darlen] 7) styles herself as an alienist, but her true purpose is deeper and more terrifying than any commoner could dare to understand. Willithar believes some ancient, terrible and ineffable doom hangs over Ashlar and its folk. She further believes this doom manifests itself as madness and psychosis among the weaker-willed members of the populace. Thus she hunts down the insane to save both them and Ashlar from this terrible doom. Sadly, many of those she tries to save die due to Willithar’s unorthodox methods.

Personality: Single-minded and utterly devoted to Darlen, Willithar has walked her self-imposed path for decades. She is prepared to make hard decisions and to sacrifice the few for the many. The weight of many such choices rest heavily on her soul, and she is becoming harsher and wearier every year.

Mannerisms: Willithar has no filter; she is forthright, honest; she says exactly what she means—which some people find disconcerting.

Hook: Willithar hunts for those afflicted with madness when she encounters the PCs. She is searching for a particular person—Esteri Sotijalo (see Travellers on the Road #12)—and asks the PCs if they have seen her. If in the subsequent conversation she detects the possibility of madness or psychosis in the PCs she switches her attention to them (but she won’t forget Esteri).


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