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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM’s Resource supplement by Pierre van Rooden

The Order of the Dictum fights crime and corruption in a lawless society. They are the voice of the people, and an ally to those who desire law and order. But are they as benevolent as they seem?  Is the code of order they seek to establish what the people truly want? A dark force lurks at the centre of this cult, and those that expect to find a kindred vigilant may instead discover too late that the people's wants do not count at all. For all that counts for the Order of the Dictum is the law. The law of Havra Zhoul.

"I am Havra Zhoul. Respect me. Obey me. Fear me. If you are unpure, take your spouse and offspring and their offspring, and flee, for it will be your undoing to stand and fight. Flee as fast and far as you can run, and faster and further still! Lest I track you down and slay you, you and your kin, until all discord is purged from this realm. And if, instead, you are pure, and free of the taint of chaos, then flock to me. Bow down and subject yourself to my edicts, to my commands, to my word. For my word is law."

The Dictum – Section 1: Introductions

“I LOVE this pdf. I really do. Pierre van Rooden gives us not one run-of-the-mill cult, but a concisely-written organization that makes sense in every word and makes membership in the cult a believable goal, perhaps even for players. Depending on your campaign, the shades-of-grey approach taken herein might challenge a lot of overtly simplistic and boring dichotomies many players tend to take as for granted, making this pdf not only a good read, but offering an organization that very well could change how your PCs think about law, order and the price living in a peaceful society might entail. A sub-textual criticism of our ever-growing fear and mounting surveillance in real life is evident and, with divinations etc., an experienced DM could use this cult easily as a foundation for a roleplaying social commentary. Or you could simply use it as written and still enjoy one of the best NPC-organizations released for PFRPG to date. My final verdict? Not surprising at this point - 5 stars and the Endzeitgeist seal of approval.”
--Endzeitgeist (five stars)

“Due to the fun at the expense of the players and my extensive playtesting, I found Cultists of Havra Zhoul to be an EXCELLENT product...this is a must for any DM who needs a fully fleshed out evil cult for their fantasy games. Rest assured, this product will be on my shelf for future use.”


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GM’s Resource > Cultists of Havra Zhoul

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